Welcome to Routee

In 2016, AMD Telecom one of the 3 top-ranked global connectivity leaders in the telecom industry, launched its new CPaaS called Routee, to expand and simplify communication capabilities between people, applications, corporations and machines.

The means to achieve such goals are through its
provided Web & API cloud communication solutions:

• Value Added Services

Our clients are revolutionaries, pioneers and some all-stars blue-chip companies, financial institutions, global fashion icon stores and international retail chains.


Our company provides continuous training to its employees and partners, on communication privacy and security for the duration of the contract. Data security is achieved by a digital system that provides protection from the following threats:

  1. data interception,
  2. unauthorised access to databases,
  3. tampering with the messages,
  4. changing the content of the messages,
  5. attaching the wrong content to the message,
  6. access by unauthorised computers.

Welcome to Routee, powered by AMD Telecom. About the brand.

Now and then

Throughout the course of History, communication technologies have evolved our intelligence. Nowadays we are thinking and communicating in terms of screens, digits and interfaces in real time.

Welcome to Routee, powered by AMD Telecom. About the brand.

Unlimited connections

In this new reality and given the fact that our brains have an unlimited capacity for new connections, we have learned how to boot up, activate and transmit our thoughts. We can just jack ourselves in and pilot our brain around on the internet.

Welcome to Routee, powered by AMD Telecom. About the brand.

Routee way

Today, this reality, is characterised by a myriad of different protocols, rules and hardware equipment. Routee is here to simplify things for you. Join us in our vision!

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