Marketing Automations for Mobile Operators

Customers always welcome special offers and they make them feel their needs are understood. Here are some Use Cases you can implement to satisfy your customers’ needs:

1) An easy way to achieve segmentation is by categorizing customers based on the service they need the most. For instance, when a customer frequently uses SMS and has no balance at any particular moment, a personalized offer can be sent to them. If they TopUp their account that day, they can access a special package, created only for them, that offers SMS in great volume for a low price. The same applies for all other services. For instance, if they mostly use Voice, then they will receive an offer for a Voice package.


2) Nowadays, one of the most common issues a mobile user has to face is not having sufficient data when for instance they attend an event or a conference. To tackle this, you can send an offer to customers, based on their geolocation; if they are near such an event, that allows them to get extra data immediately, only for Social Media, so they can have fun and upload as many videos and photos they want without any worries.
3) Preparing for an event is troublesome for an attendee. They have to buy tickets at an earlier date and remember to print and carry them when they enter the event. And what about when they are near an event, let’s say a football match, and they wish they could enter. If their geolocation points they are near such an event, you will send them an offer to buy an e-ticket through SMS, on the sole condition they have activated mobile banking. Problem solved and they get to attend that event on time.


4) Age is a great way to segment your customers because different age groups behave differently. For example, ages between 16 and 25 use data a lot more than older people. That’s why you can send them an offer for great volumes or even unlimited data for weekends only, in case they have enough balance for this offer.


5) Some customers rarely TopUp and a great way to motivate them is the personalized offers. After 15 days without a TopUp and no balance on their account, they receive an offer saying that, if they TopUp that day, they can access a special package of their most used service (SMS, Voice, etc.). Another 15 days passed and they have not ToppedUp yet? They receive a similar offer with a more beneficial package on the same service. After that, if they do TopUp they get another offer, 4 days later, for a special package on another service they do not use so much or if they haven’t ToppedUp yet, they receive an offer for unlimited data for the next weekend.


6) Most customers only use one or two services. To motivate them in order to use more services, you will send them an offer, on special days like Christmas or Cyber Monday, that contains a package of all the services they do not use. If for example, they mostly use SMS, they will receive an offer for big volumes of Voice and Data with a single payment.


Note: All offers are sent through SMS at first but can be also sent as Voice message and E-mail later, to make sure they reach your customer and present them with your service quantity.

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