Why Routee

Since our early days, we have been always trying to build communication. During that period, we started providing services in regards to the communication between businesses and consumers. Along the way, interconnection between telcos came and nowadays, we complete our product portfolio with web & api cloud communication products, through Communication as a Service model, so to fulfill the increased demand of integrated communication services. What sets us apart from the competition is the deep knowledge of the entire industry and the comprehension of its essence that we gained throughout the years of this exciting journey.

Our team is here for any question that may come up, regarding this service or another matter. 

Strong background & deep industry knowledge

AMD Telecom gained deep industry knowledge throughout the past 17 years, being actively involved with “communication”, thus offering high quality cloud communication products, under the brand name Routee.


Direct relationships with carriers

Since 2000, we have developed excellent direct relationships with more than 1200 Mobile Operators globally, enabling us to provide top-notch SMS and Voice services.


Value for money

Our in-house developed intelligent routing ensures that we route all SMS and voice traffic through the best available route (including more than 150 zero hop directs), in the best possible price of the market.


Quality & reliability of service

All of our APIs and our fully redundant communication platforms, have been developed internally, by our top of the class dev team that counts more than 60 colleagues, ensuring their continuity, quality and security.


Scalability on demand

All of our APIs are scalable on demand so you don’t have to worry about hardware additions, upgrades, etc., no matter if you wish to increase or reduce your SMS or voice traffic.


24/7, year-round customer support

We are always here to assist our customers and partners with whatever they might need. Our customer support experts are available year-round, 24/7.


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