Two-Factor Authentication using Fallback services

No matter which network provider your company uses or which service provider your customers subscribe to, our Fallback services ensure you can always send two-factor authentication messages safely and securely.


 Of IT departments plan to
implement two-factor authentication.


Of security breaches could be prevented
with two-factor authentication security services.


Consumers are increasingly concerned about
online security.

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2FA for Business Service Highlights

Why choose 2FA for business marketing from Routee? We can think of a few reasons.

Global delivery

Global delivery

With Routee’s comprehensive coverage spanning 360 networks and 220 countries, you can deliver your one-time PINs fast!

Pin generation

Pin generation

We provide the back-end logic needed for PIN generation (OTP), so you don’t have to. Each code is tied to an individual user and can only be used once.

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

Mobile two-step verification can be easily added to any web service or software application using Routee API or interface.

Backed by security experts

Backed by security experts

Routee is managed by an expert security operations team and fraud-trained help desk to help you stay secure.

Multilanguage support

Multilanguage support

Our Two-Factor Authentication is truly global, allowing you to send and receive messages from anywhere in the world in 14 languages.

Secure environment

Secure environment

Routee uses GSM proven protocols to set up the authentication procedure for all your application users for any device that receives SMS or Voice messages.

Learn how to activate Two Factor Authentication

Use Cases



Secure internet payments with two-factor authentication. Both the user’s password and the texted passcode are required to complete the transaction. Two-Factor Authentication with Fallback from Routee ensures transaction authentication always reaches the right customer at the right time.



Verify customer phone numbers with SMS passcodes to prevent robotic registrations and fraudulent actions. Protecting accounts and the privacy of the customer is at the core of the Two-Factor Authentication with Fallback services from Routee. Business applications can be built with these security and authentication services built in.



With patient records often needed by a range of professionals to deliver the required care, two-factor authentication with fallback services is vital to ensure the efficient movement of patient information. All medical records, linked insurance, and financial statements plus any related documents can be secured.



Fraud including identity theft is on the rise. Protection customers in the highly sensitive financial services sector are vitally important to build trust and loyalty. With access to account information available across many channels, having a service that has reliable fallback options is critical.

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Gain with Routee


Keep control of costs when using two-factor authentication with fallback messages. Pay for only the connections your business makes.

Secure infrastructure

Routee provides company-owned communication nodes, has its own in-house development team.

Immediate reach

Using fallback channels will always ensure authentication messages reach their intended recipients.

Ensure delivery

Use a simple IVR application to enable call recipients to acknowledge receipt of the communication.

Routee differences


users in 230 countries


billion verifications yearly

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