Ensure customer safety with powerful 2FA Fallback with Viber

Take advantage of Viber’s popularity to send authentication PINs with accuracy within 10 seconds of the request, cutting fraud while protecting users.

900 million

Unique registered users of Viber illustrate how essential this channel is.

Prevent security breaches

80% of security breaches can be prevented with Two-Factor Authentication.

More security for your customers

Two in five people have had an online account hacked in the last year.

Protect your users and your business from fraud at sign up and account creation cost-effectively using Routee’s Viber 2FA.

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Service Highlights

Cost effective


Using Viber opens a budget-conscious channel between your business and mobile users across the world. Pay only per authentication.

Message and Voice capabilities

Message and Voice capabilities

Send your authentication PINs via Viber messages or voice calls, triggered automatically, just after an authentication request occurs.

Intelligent failover

Intelligent failover

Automatically resend PIN codes via every possible communication channel to customers through one API request without additional code.

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Send your messages in your language. Routee supports Unicode, so you can communicate with users in their language.

Grant privacy

Grant privacy

Enable authentication without compromising privacy. Create a safe space for delivering PIN messages to users via Viber.

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

Mobile Two-Factor Authentication verification can be easily added to any web service or software application using Routee API or interface.

Learn how to activate Two Factor Authentication

Use Cases



Your customers complete a buy or sell transaction. Your website then sends a voice call or message via Viber to the user’s previously registered device with a one-time numeric. This enables strong security without being too complicated for the customer.



Secure your application accounts and prevent fraudulent actions that may risk your users’ privacy. Send 2FA messages via Viber after the third time users insert their account passwords incorrectly.



Use Viber messaging and voice calls to send authentication PINs whenever a customer wants to proceed to an action that must be executed with high security. Viber continues to expand as a powerful channel for business communications.

Digital Workplaces

Digital Workplaces

Integrating Two-Factor Authentication via Viber into the digital workspace makes it more secure for the organization and convenient for users, remote workers and partners. Take care of your company’s information, educational material and conversations.

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Gain with Routee

Reduce expenses

Two-Factor with Viber is a low-cost service, supplemented by SMS, Voice and Missed Call fallback. The service is charged per completed authentication.

Easy customization

Customize your authentication procedure by selecting the lifetime of each PIN generated, its complexity and length effortlessly via Routee API platform.

In-house development

Routee provides company-owned communication nodes and an in-house development expert team to provide high quality services.

Customer satisfaction

Show you care by ensuring the safety of the data your customers share with your app or online service using 2FA with Viber.

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Simple API based & platform integration

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