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Consumer research shows that 67% of customers will do more business with a company as a result of positive communication experiences. This experience begins with confidence in your security systems.

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Two-Factor Voice Authentication

Two-Factor Voice Authentication offers an extra layer of protection that dramatically reduces a criminal’s chances of succeeding.


Of the population fell victim to cybercrime.

$6 trillion

Is forecast to be lost annually to cybercrime by 2021.


Two-Factor Voice Authentication calls were made in 2018.

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Service Highlights

Global delivery

Global delivery

Deliver your authentication PINs to users regardless of their location. With Routee’s global coverage spanning over 360 networks and 220 countries, you can deliver your one-time PINs with best delivery rates and speed available on the market.

Text to speech

Routee’s voice-based Two-Factor Authentication adds Text-To-Speech capability to the standard Two-Factor Authentication process, enabling you to place calls and deliver user authentication PINs via voice audio.

PIN generation

Our platform provides the back-end logic needed for PIN generation (OTP), so you don’t have to. Each code is tied to an individual user and can only be used once. This delivers robust and reliable security for your customers.


No matter who your business communications service provider is, or which network your customers use, Routee can deliver secure PIN generation services across your enterprise.

PIN generation
Easy to implement

Flexible pricing

Tell us what kind of business you are running and how you would like to implement voice-based Two-Factor Authentication. We can then design a pricing packaging just for you.

Easy to implement

Mobile Two-Factor Authentication verification can be easily added to any web service or software application using Routee API or interface. Our technology is fast and easy to apply.

Wanna learn how to activate Two Factor Authentication?

Use Cases

Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency

An online user wants to participate in a contest posted on social media. You can’t just post the winner’s name, as this would compromise their personal identity. With voice-based Two-Factor Authentication, you can send a PIN to the winner with 100% accuracy and security.

Financial Industry

Financial Industry

A customer has their phone number registered on a website and has opted-in to use voice-based Two-Factor Authentication. The customer completes their money transfer. The site then generates an authentication call to the user’s phone with a unique PIN.



Your customers complete a buy or sell transaction. Your website then sends a voice call to the user’s previously registered device with a one-time numeric. This enables strong security without being too complicated for the customer.

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A single API provides the full Two-Factor Authentication solution, from authentication management to message automation.


Just give us a phone number, and we’ll take care of the rest. We generate the codes, localize and use the fastest channel available.


Unlike other Two-Factor Authentication methods that may require special hardware or an authenticator app, our solution works with any phone number.

Smartly priced

Pay only for successful conversions or a flat monthly fee for frequent logins. There is a pricing structure to suit your business.

Deliverability is critical

Because the user is in the process of logging in, fast message delivery is vital. Our Two-Factor Authentication solution is fast and efficient.

Comprehensive support

When your business partners with Routee you become part of our team. No matter how much support you need, we are here to help.

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