Listen and learn from your customers

Two-Way SMS allows you to create interactive and highly engaging campaigns using Routee. Listen to what your customers have to say and deliver answers to their requests automatically through intelligent keyword recognition.

78% of consumers

Say receiving an SMS is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates and purchases.

3 out of 10 consumers

Would give up phone calls to use more messaging if the messaging service was fast and efficient to use.

82% of text messages

Are read within 5 minutes. Text messages have proven to be effective to stay in contact with customers.

Two-Way SMS allows you to create interactive and highly engaging marketing campaigns using Routee. Your customers have the unique advantage to text you when they need help or support without getting extra charges.

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Service Highlights

Personal Virtual Number

Buy Virtual Numbers that are available for over 220 countries and expand the reach of your business.

Personal Virtual Number

Easy setup and customization

Adjust your SMS' content and frequency cap. Then let us automate your entire campaign.

Easy setup and customization


Deliver answers to your customer requests automatically through intelligent keyword recognition.


Personalized messages

Dispatch personalized marketing SMS based on individual customer information. Show your customers how important they are to you.

Personalized messages

Massive scalability

Do you have hundreds or millions of customers? We dispatch your messages with accuracy and security.

Massive scalability

Real-time campaign reports

Detailed analytics about your SMS campaigns. Measure your results and impact on your customers to create improved segmented campaigns.

Real-time campaign reports

Opt-in/opt-out option

Make it easy and reliable for your customers to opt-in and opt-out of your messages. This builds high levels of trust in your business.

Opt-in/opt-out option

Multiple campaigns

Omni-channel capabilities are built into the Routee platform. You can harness all the assets of every communication channel.

Multiple campaigns

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Do you want to see our API docs?

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Use Cases

Medical industry

Medical industryYou can set up efficient booking or appointment reminders. Create keyword triggers to these responses and automatically send confirmation messages.

Event organizers

Event organizers

Send messages to inform customers about new events and ask them if they want to take part. Trigger positive brand advocacy to expand your loyal customers.



Use Two-Way SMS to resolve everyday problems. Customers can send yes or no responses, confirming personal information, or raise a problem.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Track campaign information

What happens with the replies you get?  With Routee you can track them in real time and get reports on their status and effectiveness – all based on your designated performance indicators.

Easy to set up

Set up your campaigns through our easy to use interface and see your detailed results using the Routee dashboard. Check your customers’ responses in a list that you can download and further analyze.

Customize your message

Routee allows its users to customize their web messaging experience utilizing a wide range of features designed to help improve the efficiency of their businesses. See how easy it is to craft the perfect messages for your enterprise.


Routee’s high delivery rates and speed in combination with extraordinary scalability ensures quick and fun communications for you and your customers. Your audience is just one click away from an awesome customer experience.

Real-time feedback

Feedback and reviews are critical to the growth and development of your business. Two-Way SMS makes responding to feedback a quick and simple procedure for customers, making them much more likely to be involved.

Services for professionals

We provide the lower administrative cost for your applications, as everything is monitored and replied through a single panel. With Routee's Two-Way SMS, you are charged only per delivered message.

Inbound campaigns automation

Directly communicate with your customers, saving time and resources. Automate your inbound campaigns by setting up auto-responses or using message triggers to send back dynamic replies based on keywords.

Pre-defined keywords

Set up and process inbound messages with pre-defined keywords. Your keywords can be used to set up triggers to file and sort message replies – all dependent on your business needs.

All in one location

Have all replied messages forwarded directly to your email inbox (SMS to Email) or CRM of choice. Here, you will be able to reply to individual messages, bulk send to larger groups or follow up individual queries.

CRM integration

Running a reminder service or CRM for your business? Use Routee's Two-Way SMS to integrate and schedule messages. Set up appointment reminders and automate responses via SMS.

Routee differences


report of SMS


Simple API based & platform integration

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Powered by one of the world leaders in connected technology, Routee uses AMD Telecom to ensure your business has robust, reliable and scalable automated marketing services you can trust and count on day-after-day.