Make messaging more human
with Viber Voice

Record and send personal voice messages to segmented contact list recipients. Viber Voice helps you deliver the human touch that makes all the difference.

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of customers expect to communicate more with businesses over the next two years.


of customers would prefer calling instead of texting a business.


of customers are more likely to buy from a company they can contact via a chat app.

Go beyond basic. Make your voice calls personal. Interact with your customers and provide value to them. All in the native and brand-safe Routee platform.

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Service Highlights

Fallback available

Use intelligent failover solutions. You can be confident that your Viber Voice messages will always reach their intended recipients.

Failover available

Segment customer databases

Send segmented campaigns based on your customers’ preferences. Customer data can be used to create target groups automatically.

Segment customer databases

Personalized messages

Send personalized messages to your recipients to increase customer loyalty. Show your customers how important they are to your company.

Personalized messages

Viber Voice Service

24/7 Support

No matter when your business needs help, Routee is always here 24/7 including all Public Holidays.

24/7 Support

Massive scalability

Do you have hundreds or even millions of customers? We dispatch your Viber Voice messages fast, accurately and securely.

Massive scalability

A/B testing

Discover which Viber Voice messages are listened to the longest. Quickly test your messages to improve ROI.

A/B testing

Worldwide delivery

From small local businesses to global enterprises, Routee makes sure your Viber voice messages can be sent across the world.

Worldwide delivery

Easy platform set up

Don’t worry about the technical side of messaging. Create and send campaigns in under 5 minutes in our easy yet powerful platform.

Easy platform set up

Are you a developer?

Do you want to see our API docs?

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Use Cases



Call your customers via Viber Voice to keep them up-to-date about your latest products, services, offers, discounts, and promotions. Voice continues to expand as a powerful channel for business communications.



Keep patients up-to-date with vital information about services. Connect with visually impaired patients with ease. Create interactive voice-based notifications to run an efficient and secure healthcare service.



Creating voice surveys is an excellent way for educators to discover the vital information they need, to improve the services they deliver.  Connect with students and educational professionals with engaging voice messages they will pay attention to.



Send confirmation PINs using Two-Factor Authentication with Viber Voice messaging from Routee. Businesses can easily create authentication calls when sensitive information needs to be communicated.

It's easy to get started!

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Routee Viber Voice Service

The personal touch

Viber Messaging from Routee enables your business to record personal messages using any voice you wish. Customize your messages to make them even more engaging.

Easy API and interface integration

You can set up Viber Voice messaging in no time, as Routee has a state-of-the-art API and a Web Platform that allows for easy integration with your business.

Segment customer base

Send segmented campaigns based on your customer preferences to ensure engagement and high ROI.

Save money

No matter the size of your campaign, Viber Voice messaging from Routee has a pricing plan to suit your business requirements.

Cost effective channel

Routee’s Viber Voice messaging is charged per delivered message, with no hidden costs or additional fees.

Maximum security by default

Viber servers are provided via private cloud servers that are fully secured with a firewall. Promote personal security and privacy with Viber Voice.

Routee differences

Quicker response, faster resolution

Quicker response,
faster resolution

Connection anywhere, anytime

Connection anywhere,

Limitless segmentation


24/7 Support


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