Build trust and brand authenticity with Verified SMS. Make every text message trustworthy.

The verified SMS feature is a great way for businesses to efficiently engage users, build trust, and increase loyalty by guaranteeing secure communication. Routee, as an official Google Partner, ensures that the Google verified icon appears in every verified Bulk text message you send to your audience.

Two Factor Authentication

What is the Verified SMSby Google?

Verified SMS by Google is an extra layer of security to dodge phishing attacks and increase brand trustworthiness. Every verified SMS delivered to your customers includes your brand details, namely

✔️ the business logo

✔️ the business name

✔️ a verification checkmark

Get your brand verified with Routee, the official Google Partner

Verified SMS, Verified SMS

Business credibility at the forefront of your communications

An unverified SMS can risk your business credibility. Customers receive countless text messages every day. These texts may include important SMS alerts, one-time passwords, offers, but also spam from random numbers that may pose as your business. Every SMS that fails to be verified will be displayed as “Message could not be verified.” and will show only the sender’s number instead of your brand name.

Verified SMS, Verified SMS

Safer business communications with Google Verified SMS. Two times more with Routee

Secure communication is always our #1 priority. Choosing Routee means that every verified number will be validated twice. Once via Google and once from Routee. We offer the highest anti-spam security to make sure your SMS campaigns reach their destination. The platform prevents you from sending spam campaigns by measuring and informing you about the spam rate of the message.

Verified SMS, Verified SMS

Choose the highest deliverability rate, global compliance, and simple account management

With an on-growing list of 2000+ contracts with GSM networks globally, Routee’s Verified SMS service provides one of the most secure and well-trusted Marketing SMS platforms internationally.

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Service Highlights

Adaptive routing

Adaptive routing

Ensure optimum delivery by proactively re-routing messages when the network is unavailable. A GPS for your SMS.

Intelligent failover


Get 99.95% uptime, guaranteed. Your messages will always reach their audiences on time and intact.


Global Coverage

Routee’s communication, powered by AMD Telecom, covers over 1,200 Mobile Operators (including 152 zero hop direct connections) via a single connection point.


Worldwide delivery

Routee uses privately-owned networks to deliver your messages to your audience regardless of their location, guaranteeing global SMS deliverability to 197 countries.

Grant privacy

Time-critical campaigns

Routee sends as much as 20,000 SMS/sec. Regardless of your campaign’s size, Routee will deliver it within a maximum of 5 minutes.

Gain new insights

Intelligent route optimization

Routee utilizes optimized conversion tracking and enriched KPIs to determine the most cost-efficient and high-performing route for your SMS campaigns.

Powerful SMS Features

Personalized messages

Personalized Verified SMS

Routee allows for text message marketing for small business communication, with an unlimited number of personalization fields in your messages to boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

Segmented messages

Segmented Campaigns

Segment your database based on as many criteria as you want. You can classify your bulk Verified SMS according to your audience’s location, its preferred communication channel, and so on.

Opt-in/opt-out choice

Opt-in/opt-out choice

Provide your recipients the option to select the channel through which they prefer to communicate, the type of message they want to receive, and the most suitable time, or just to unsubscribe from your list.

A/B testing

A/B testing

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns through A/B testing. You can create two different templates then see which one responds better and improve the efficiency of your communication.

Time critical campaigns

Multi-language Support

Routee supports Unicode, the IT standard for the consistent encoding of text displayed in most of the world’s writing systems, so you can communicate with users in their language.

Real-time campaign reports

Real-time campaign reports

See the exact time of delivery or conversion of your SMS campaign. Access individual data on read-status and response content. Track SMS delivery history through simple and powerful tools.

Start securing your communications and increase your audience’s loyalty with Google Verified SMS by Routee

Gain with Routee, the official Google Partner

Cost reduction

Competitive SMS pricing policy

Starting from $0.0061/sms, the most flexible pricing model in the market. Without extra costs or monthly billing plans.

Seamless integration with your website

Routee can be integrated with other platforms you may use. If you use ERP, E-commerce, you can integrate it with Routee and update it automatically or schedule your Verified SMS marketing campaigns.

No hidden Costs. Send Verified SMS Campaigns to unlimited contacts

Most other platforms limit the number of possible contacts to 10,000. Our pricing policy will remain the same whether you have 100 contacts or 1,000,000.

Flash SMS and ShortURL

You can send Flash SMS which may include a ShortURL. Routee has its own SMS marketing software that creates ShortURL. You can add links to your verified text messages without worrying about the characters or the length of the message or if your recipients have enough storage space on their mobile phones.

Forms that create leads and Blacklist
Routee E-Payments

Forms that create leads and Blacklist

Since Routee can be integrated with your CRM, you don’t have to manually add new contacts to the software that you use. Once recipients opt out, don’t convert, or are not receiving your Verified SMS, They are automatically moved to a blacklist but not deleted from your list.


In comparison with other SMS platforms, Routee supports e-payment options. You can connect your credit card to Routee and send your SMS marketing campaigns anytime you want.

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Seamless API & platform integration

Become a trusted brand today, start securing your communications with Google Verified SMS by Routee

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