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Are you confident that each phone number in your database is valid and secure? The Number Validation service from Routee can increase your business’s overall security, ensure each number is correct and valid, and save you money.

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Of a business’s monthly costs can be reduced with Number Validation services.


Of organizations suffer from data errors that can be quickly resolved with Number Validation.


Of organizations believe that their bottom line is affected by invalid contact information

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Service Highlights

Simple & Secure API

Number Validation can be easily set up with an easy-to-integrate URL structure, delivered in a lightweight format, and secured via HTTPS encryption.

Extended usage statistics

You can easily track every aspect of your Number Verification usage with detailed reports on a daily or monthly basis.

Global phone validation

With Number Validation you can instantly see the country code, cell or landline, the telecommunications operator and more.

Advanced tools

Advanced phone number validation using the most up-to-date international numbering plans, carrier, and line type detection are all available.

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Use Cases



The Number Verification services can validate a number in 100 milliseconds. This fast and efficient service is vital for any business in the financial sector. Verifying a customer number must be secure when sensitive information is communicated.



Having a database of valid numbers is vital for all businesses in the travel sector. Cleanse all your number lists by using Number Validation and broaden your communications strategy. Tell your clients about the latest destinations, discounts, and offers.



The number field in an online form is nearly almost mandatory. However, how do you know that number is valid? E-shops can remove that risk with Number Validation services from Routee. Each number can be instantly checked to ensure it connects to the right customer.

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Gain with Routee

Strong security

By asking your customers to provide a phone number — and then validating the legitimacy of that number — you can minimize fraud and increase customer security.

Optimize communication costs

Your business can differentiate between mobile and landline numbers. This saves your business time, and money as SMS messages won't be sent to the wrong number.

Clean database

By periodically validating the numbers in your customer database, you can be sure that customer numbers are still reachable, reducing delivery errors.

The right channel

Discover which carrier network a customer is using to optimize SMS routing when communicating with your customer.

Increase business performance

Identify which numbers you collect are mobile or landline. Maintain compliance and mitigate risks associated with telemarketing violations.

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