Enhance your conversations with RCS messaging

RCS introduces more interactive ways to engage with customers. Add your brand’s logo to your messages, customize colors, send GIFs, videos and more – all through their messaging app of choice.


offers multiple added functionalities, such as quick connection, live responses, and larger file support.


of consumers find RCS appealing and are more likely to want to communicate with a brand.


of marketers surveyed were excited about using RCS because they can incorporate branding in messages.

74$ billion

is the value that the GSMA estimates the RCS business messaging market will be worth by 2021.

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Service Highlights

Real-time insight

Identify which customer is an RCS user. Is he or she active? See when a customer is replying or reading your messages. Get detailed reports on personal information to segment your campaigns efficiently.

Real-time insight

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Two way messaging

Have real conversations with customers, increase your brand loyalty and your revenues. Give them the opportunity to respond and connect them with goods and services that are of interest to them.

Two-Way Messaging

Rich multimedia content

Enrich each RCS message with videos, voice messages, emoji, pictures and even share locations. Everything an OTT service provides is at your fingertips. Using RCS is the ultimate upgrade for your messaging services.

Rich multimedia content

Fallbacks services

Routee can track users and ensure they are always using the most efficient messaging service for them. Use a combination of channels to always stay in touch with your customers.

Failover services

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Use Cases


AirlinesAirlines can issue boarding passes, communicate flight times and gate changes via RCS to each passenger. This level of support fosters long-lasting brand loyalty. RCS connects customers to the information they need, when they need it the most.



Healthcare businesses can leverage the power that RCS can deliver to enhance customer experience, but also increase efficiency and reduce costs – all with a simple switch to Routee’s easy-to-use RCS services.


FinancialBanks understand the need for robust, secure services their customers can trust. RCS can vastly improve brand perception and connect with customers to increase loyalty via efficient messaging services that just work.



Routee’s RCS services are built for today’s commercial carriers. It’s now fast and easy to keep customers up-to-date about their orders. These notifications boost brand awareness and lead to a loyal customer base.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Less Fragmentation with Routee

Greater reach

With the final release of the GSMA’s Universal Profile, businesses can now make full use of RCS and its features.

Less fragmentation

Google has created a significantly stronger A2P environment which marketers can now take full advantage of.

Don’t miss any opportunity

Become a part of the RCS community and partner with Routee – one of the worldwide leaders in telecommunication services.

Welcome to the new era of messaging

Google created RCS to upgrade the messaging experience and add features similar to OTT services.

New era of messaging

Routee differences

Quicker response, faster resolution

Quicker response,
faster resolution

Connection anywhere, anytime

Connection anywhere,

Limitless segmentation


24/7 Support


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