Create rich forms and capture customer data

Gather customer details through forms you can easily create and customize. Segment data automatically and personalize your business communications, fast and securely with Forms by Routee.


Increase in conversion rate after conducting a web survey.


Better results with web forms when using clearer button text.


Of users would rather fill out a beautifully designed form than a plain one.

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Expedite GDPR Compliance

Routee offers a simple yet effective method to make sure your business is GDPR compliant by getting
your customers’ consent. Enrich your customer list with Routee’s Forms that convert anonymous leads
to potential customers.

Routee Forms, Forms

Opt-in choice

Collect customer explicit consent through an active opt-in, such as ticking a checkbox. Routee makes it easy for you to add your Terms of Service.


Deleting user data when they have chosen to opt out can be a complicated process. Routee helps you run an automated workflow that simplifies this process. Delete user data and send a reassuring message that all information has been deleted.

Routee Forms, Forms
Routee Forms, Forms

Documentation and Segmentation

Save and segment your customers’ details. 

Data Encryption

Keep your customers’ sensitive data safe from any malicious outsider at all times. With data encryption by Routee, you can keep that information safe – while still completely accessible to you. Just click the encryption option and secure data such as banking information or social security numbers.

Routee Forms, Forms

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Capture more leads with Routee Forms

Don’t think it’s just another contact form. The better and more accurate your information on your customers
is, the better your marketing will work. Use Routee Forms to improve both the quality of your database and
the time it takes to collect all the necessary data. Experiment and find out what suits you the most.

Hotel Booking Form

New Customer Registration Form

Flight Reservation Form

Feedback Form

Student Progress Report

CV Application Form

Survey Form

Real Estate Form

Loan Application Form

Medical History Form

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Dedicated support

Our technical support specialists are here to help you every step of the way via email, chat, or phone.

Simple plugin

If your site uses WordPress, Routee has developed a plugin specifically to help you use forms across your site.

Safe and secure data

Routee gives your business the option of storing your customer data within the EU that is fully compliant with GDPR.

Form privacy

In privacy settings, you can limit access to the data each form collects and also disable cloning of your forms.

Spam security

Routee offers two different CAPTCHA alternatives to make it difficult for bots to fill out your form.

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Automated big data analysis

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