Add natural, high quality voice broadcasting to your campaigns

Promote your business with voice broadcasting campaigns. Generate cost-effective calls charged per second. Send pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech and start speaking to your customers today with a voice broadcasting software from Routee.


Of people

prefer to contact a business by phone versus only 24% who prefer a web form.


Increase in calls

to US businesses indicates that voice is a powerful communications

$1 trillion

Calls will influence

US consumer spending this year, making voice vital for all marketing campaigns.

10-15 times

More revenue

can be earned from phone calls
than using web-based

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Service Highlights

Performance insights

Performance insights

Measure campaign effectiveness by analyzing delivery and response rates. Proactively assess all of your campaign costs through the Routee Platform.

Personalized voice messages

Personalized voice messages

Personalized information can be included in the phone messages. Choose contacts, record a voice message, and schedule its delivery, all in two minutes or less!

Multiple languages

Multiple languages

16 languages are available. Make your Robocalls more personal by sending voice messages in your customers’ native language.

Segment and schedule your campaigns

Segment and schedule your campaigns

Segment your customer data and send customized campaigns based on your business requirements. You will love how easy it is to set up any campaign!

Robo dialer

Robo dialer

Traditional phone dialers tie up your phone lines and make you wait for the calls to complete. Routee’s robot-dialer allows as many simultaneous calls as you want.

Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback

Detailed reports help you plan effectively. You’ll get real-time feedback and call reports, as well as daily performance insights and clear explanations for under-performing campaigns.

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Use Cases



Support elderly or vulnerable patients in the community by enabling messages to be read out loud for better understanding. Any business working in the healthcare sector can enhance their services with Voice Broadcasting.



Ensure last minute schedule changes don’t get missed by enabling a text message to be read out loud to customers on the go. Using Voice Broadcasting ensures they always receive the information they need at the right time.



Send time-critical alerts in a language that can be understood. Routee comes with support for over 16 languages enabling Voice Broadcasting to support all emergency services.



Communicate vital banking information to visually impaired people and help them perform daily tasks with ease. Customers with special needs can be fully supported by using Voice Broadcasting services.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Reliable engagement

By sending a recorded voice broadcast, important messages reach everyone. Also, these messages are efficient and dependable to send.

Improve ROI

Voice broadcast campaigns deliver a greater ROI than print media campaigns as they have higher levels of personalization and engagement.

Global voice

With Routee’s extensive language coverage you can speak to customers all over the world using their native language.

Text to Speech

Written messages easily convert to speech to reach the maximum audience for your messages.

Omnichannel failover capabilities

The comprehensive failover options available from Routee ensure your messages always gets to your customers at the right time.

Voice quality engine

Deliver high-quality voice experiences using our reliable global carrier network. Don’t compromise on voice quality.

Routee differences

Increase engagement
& feedback



Artificial Intelligence

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AMD Telecom

Powered by one of the world leaders in connected technology, Routee uses AMD Telecom to ensure your business has robust, reliable and scalable automated marketing services you can trust and count on day-after-day.