Marketing Automation

Users of marketing automation report productivity optimization, campaign management optimization and improvement of database quality among the benefits. We are here to help you reap those benefits and gain even more.



See your prospect customer base expanding automatically, by using Routee Forms. Our technical support specialists are here to help you collect all the valuable data that your business needs.


Take your marketing to the next level with automated services from Routee. Routee’s intelligent fallback options make sure your messages get through to every customer, on every channel. Target defined groups of customers using the most efficient and effective channels. See higher retention and consistent sales.



Track all your marketing campaigns effectively. Be informed about the exact moment a lead interacts with your message and send a perfectly timed follow-up communication to drive greater sales and customer loyalty.

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Powered by one of the world leaders in connected technology, Routee uses AMD Telecom to ensure your business has robust, reliable and scalable automated marketing services you can trust and count on day-after-day.