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Using Routee's SMS Marketing Platform you can segment your customer base and increase your revenue by up to 183% using personalized SMS campaigns that take just 5 minutes to set up.

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Convert leads into sales with fully integrated campaign tools.


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Ensure your messages reach your customers instantly.


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Improve your communication today with personalized campaigns to increase your revenues!

SMS for business communication delivers text messages to any mobile phone in the world, through our high-speed, secure and device-agnostic API or through our interface.

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Service Highlights

Personalized messages

Personalized messages

Routee allows for text message marketing for small business communication, with an unlimited number of personalization fields in your messages to boost your campaign's effectiveness.

Segmented messages

Segmented messages

You can segment your database, based on as many criteria as you want. You can separate your bulk SMS regarding their location, their preferred communicational channel and so on.

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited contacts

Most other platforms limit the number of possible contacts to 10,000. Even if you have a hundred contacts or a million you can upload them to Routee at once.

Integration with other platforms

Integration with other platforms

Routee can be integrated with other platforms you may use. If you use ERP, E-commerce, you can integrate it with Routee and update it automatically or schedule your SMS marketing campaigns.

Opt-in/opt-out choice

Opt-in/opt-out choice

You can give your recipients the chance to select the channel through which they prefer to communicate, the type of message they want to receive and the most suitable time or just to be unsubscribed from your list.

A/B testing

A/B testing

You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns through A/B testing. You can create two different templates, then see which of them responds better and improve the efficiency of your communication.

World-wide delivery

Worldwide delivery

Routee uses its own networks in order to deliver whatever you want to send to your contacts independently to their location. We guarantee global SMS deliverability which covers 197 countries.

Time critical campaigns

Time-critical campaigns

Routee enables you to send 20,000 SMS/sec. No matter the number of messages that you want to send, Routee can deliver as big a campaign as you want within 5 minutes.

Real-time campaign reports

Real-time campaign reports

See the exact time of delivery or conversion of your SMS campaign. Access individual data on read status and response content. Track SMS delivery history for any one number through simple yet powerful tools.

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SMS Marketing Use Cases


FinancialReach your customers via SMS campaigns to deliver valuable services that will increase your engagement. Easily and effectively keep your customers up-to-date about your latest financial products and services.


E-shopsHarness the power of cost-effective bulk SMS campaigns across your shop. Communicate your latest offers and discounts in an instant. Increase your sales and reduce basket abandonment.

Real Estate

Real estateMake life easier for clients interested in real estate by updating them about discounts and offers based on their preferences. With Routee's SMS marketing software, you can send only the most appropriate offers and watch your business grow.


TravelCommunicate latest destination offers to highly targeted groups. Promote your business to the right audiences with SMS campaigns. Harvest customer data to make future campaigns even more effective.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Cost reduction

Cost Reduction

You can reduce the communication cost since you are not being charged for undelivered messages to most countries. Otherwise, when a predefined number of messages are not delivered or converted, the contact is automatically transferred to the blacklist. In this way, you can scale your ROI up to 24 times.

Time To Campaign

The average time needed to send an SMS campaign through Routee is 2 minutes, compared with other platforms that need 30 minutes at least. So, scheduling and sending a campaign can give you valuable time to deal with more important tasks.

Flash SMS and ShortURL

You can send Flash SMS which may include a ShortURL. Routee has its own SMS marketing software that creates ShortURL. You can add links to your text messages without worrying about the characters or the length of the message or if your recipients have enough storage space on their mobile phones.

Forms that create leads and Blacklist

Since Routee can be integrated with your CRM, you don’t have to manually add new contacts to the software that you use. Once a recipient doesn’t wish to hear from you, he’s not converting to your messages, or he’s not receiving your messages, he is automatically moved to a blacklist but not deleted from your list.

Forms that create leads and Blacklist
Routee E-Payments

Invite only access and SubAccounts

The only way that somebody can have access to your account is to be invited by you. Routee gives you the possibility to recant the invitation and ban the access anytime you wish. You can also create subaccounts on Routee. For instance, you can create an account which is only responsible for sending SMS campaigns and another which is only responsible for payments.


In comparison with other SMS platforms, Routee supports e-payment options. You can connect your credit card to Routee and send your SMS marketing campaigns anytime you want. You don’t have to go to a bank, pay and send invoices and wait until your balance is paid, all of which takes time that can be critical.

SMS response after a Missed call

In case that you decide to use missed calls in your campaigns, you can SMS as a reply. For instance, a radio station bought a virtual number which was to be used for a Missed call in a competition. After a missed call was generated, Routee automatically sent an SMS to the caller to thank him for the participation.

Fail Over Channels

Routee gives you the possibility to have a fallback option. For example, if a customer does not open an email that you have sent him in a period of time set by you, Routee will automatically send him an SMS, giving you the ability to understand which of the available channels your recipient interacts with more.

Fail Over Channels

Routee differences


report of SMS


Simple SMS API based & platform integration

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