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Our Text-to-Speech service is designed to complement your communication and support transactions across your enterprise. Use voice broadcasting, Two-Factor Authentication for security, or send and receive voice messages in 16 languages.

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Improve reading comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and concentration with voice service from Routee.

65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone. Support your customers with professional voice services.

Routee can support individuals with sensory disabilities, learning disabilities and language or cultural differences.

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Text-to-Speech Service Highlights

Natural sounding voices

Natural sounding voices

Routee voices are realistic, clear, and life-like. Each voice is refined to express your content with intelligence and emotion.

Multiple languages

Multiple languages

16 languages are available from Routee. Make your Robocalls more personal by sending voice messages in your customers’ native language.

Automated Text-to-Speech

Automated Text-to-Speech

Run your campaign more efficiently by defining user actions to trigger voice messages to your customers automatically.

Easy to build and use

Easy to build and use

Integrate Text-to-Speech into any login or registration workflow. Customize the user experience with your design and security requirements.

Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback

Get real-time reports and analytics for every voice campaign. You’ll get real-time campaign reports, detailed call reports and a daily performance report.

Personalized voice messages

Personalized voice messages

Personalized information can be included in phone messages. Choose contacts, record a voice message, and schedule its delivery – all in two minutes or less!

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Text-to-Speech Use Cases



Support elderly or vulnerable patients in the community by enabling messages to be read out loud for better understanding. Routee’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) can give peace of mind to anyone managing patients in the community.

Text to Speech, Text To Speech


Ensure last minute schedule changes don’t get missed by enabling a text message to be read out loud to customers on the go. Text-to-Speech (TTS) can enhance any customer communications to deliver integrated services.



The customer’s app initiates simultaneous calls to everyone who needs to know about an event that has happened or is about to happen. The app plays a recorded or Text-to-Speech (TTS) message to convey the alert.



Protecting your brand against fraud is crucial. Many companies today are using phone verification to pre-validate registrations of affiliates and partners. One way to take this lock-in-key solution to the next level is to use Text-to-Speech for landlines.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Promotion through speech

Use voice messaging capabilities to give you the opportunity to promote offers and discounts to your customers with personalized voice messages.

Save time with Text-to-Speech

Instead of creating a standard newsletter, many businesses are now embracing how voice to develop engaging new content.

No new hardware

Deliver a one-time code via an automated call to a landline using Routee’s robust and secure Two-Factor Authentication with voice.

Voice quality engine

Deliver high-quality voice experiences using our reliable global carrier network. You can now use naturally-sounding voices across your business.

Scale your global voice

With Routee’s extensive language coverage you can speak to customers all over the world. Connect to them in their native language.

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