Virtual Numbers broaden your communications

Routee can provide your business with Premium Rate, Toll-free, landline or mobile virtual numbers in 195 countries. Send and receive SMS messages. Validate contact numbers. Segment all call data with an intelligent marketing automation platform.


of customers seeking support would call a domestic number to talk to a business representative.


of remote workers see a vast improvement in productivity when using virtual numbers.


of campaigns that use virtual numbers can be measured in detail to deliver targeted results.


companies use virtual numbers to reach international customers in their region and reduce communication costs.

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Virtual Phone Numbers Service Highlights

Global call forwarding

Incoming calls from anywhere in the world can be forwarded to your Virtual Phone Numbers, at a small or zero cost for your customers.

Global call forwarding

Voice response

Associate your Virtual Phone Number with a wide selection of easy-to-configure pre-recorded voice responses and voicemail messages, offered in multiple languages.

Voice response

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Incoming/outgoing calls

Set any virtual phone number as the caller ID for your personal, professional or business number. Choose your preferred level of privacy with Virtual Numbers.

Incoming/outgoing calls

Call recorder

Record all or any selected calls to your virtual phone numbers. Share them with business associates and support the development of an informed business strategy.

Call recorder


If a call is not answered within the first minute, it is then forwarded to your voicemail inbox, where all your recorded messages are stored, free of charge.


International Numbers

Your clients can call a domestic virtual phone number in more than 200 countries in the world to reach your business, anytime it is convenient for them.

International Numbers

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Use Cases

Virtual numbers use cases for Retail


Virtual Phone Numbers can help online retailers establish a local presence in any market worldwide. Remove the financial burden of setting up offices in multiple countries to provide support for overseas customers.

Virtual numbers use cases for Real Estate

Real Estate

Virtual Phone Numbers can be set to forward calls to any other number. In this way, employees of Real Estate companies can receive business calls even when they are on the move.

Virtual numbers use cases for Call Center

Call Center

Use Virtual Phone Numbers to expand the capacity of a call center without physically installing additional lines. Discover an instant, flexible and cost-effective way to grow and generate business across new ventures.

Virtual numbers use cases for Health Industry


Virtual Phone Numbers can help patients reach healthcare professionals whenever a need arises. Connect with clinics, doctors and nurses during regular or out-of-office hours.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Increased sales

Let international customers reach you with very little to no cost and increase your sales. Set up domestic contact numbers in the countries your business operates.

Professional communications

Using Virtual Phone Numbers is essential when protecting the privacy of your business and that of your clients, keeping all communications private and confidential.

Pay for what you use

Most providers charge voice usage by the minute and round up their charges. The Routee platform invoices by the second so that our clients pay only for what they use, free from hidden charges.

Instant provisioning

Telecom carriers are expensive and slow to deal with. With Virtual Phone Numbers you can set up your own communications instantly, obtain numbers effortlessly and pay only for what you use.

Communicate with large audience

Using short codes to communicate with large audience is a very popular practice amongst marketers. Users can receive messages via a 4, 5, or 6-digit dedicated number. The length of short-codes depends on each country-specific regulation. In Greece, for example, the short codes are 5 digit numbers.

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