Enhance and expand your business with IVR

Consumer research shows that 67% of customers will do more business with a company as a result of positive communication experiences. Automate interactions between you and your customers and reap the benefits IVR can deliver.

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IVR systems include many rich features that enhance the self-service experience your customers will always appreciate.

Feedback and call analysis about busy and unanswered calls enables you to maximize the performance of your call center.

Your business’s IVR system will automatically route calls based on agent availability. This level of automation enables you to build a next-generation call service.

Service Highlights

Speech recognition

Let your customers talk to your IVR, then turn their speech into text to determine the ideal route for their call.


Analyze open-ended text using natural language processing with artificial intelligence by Routee.

Human-sounding speech

Turn your greetings and information readouts into natural, human-sounding speech directly from the Routee API.

Custom menus

Build the exact workflow your callers need to get to the right place quickly. Custom menus save them time and build trust in your business and brand.

Visual IVR

Let anyone in your organization customize and edit your phone menu, and call flows with our drag and drop tools that are intuitive to use.

Multilingual capabilities

Choose from 16 languages and dialects without having to rebuild your phone menu. Routee has all the support you need.

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Use Cases


When a customer calls a hospital’s IVR number, they will be greeted with a previously recorded or text-to-speech response asking them to select from a menu of self-service options. The customer can ask to talk with a doctor, book an appointment or seek further information.


Schools can benefit as their IVR system can understand the context of a query and instantly direct the call to the right department, saving school the time and money. Educational institutions improve responsiveness and provide better customer service.


TV or radio stations can use IVRs to give callers a simple and intuitive way to access self-service options along with the ability to be connected to a live agent. The intelligence that is built into Routee IVR mean no matter the call volume, the system can professionally handle each call.

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Delights customers

Provide customers with an easy and efficient way to speak to the right department. This saves them time and reduces stress and frustration.

Reduces costs

Reduce agent call volume, workforce costs and overall cost per call by automating all inbound and outbound transactions and processes.

Improve lead conversion

Using IVR is an effective way to enhance your customer communications, which can mean higher conversion levels.

Provides a holistic customer view

The data your business collects from its IVR services is the foundation you can use to build a 360-degree marketing model that creates a comprehensive view of each customer.

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Artificial Intelligence

AMD Telecom

Powered by one of the world leaders in connected technology, Routee uses AMD Telecom to ensure your business has robust, reliable and scalable automated marketing services you can trust and count on day-after-day.