Offer real-time customer services with Click-to-Call

Connect with your customers when they want to talk. Using Click-to-Call across your business is the perfect way to build your brand loyalty and make meaningful personal connections with each customer.


of consumers say they would use click-to-call features to schedule an appointment for local services.


Of mobile searchers say Click-to-Call is most valuable in the discovery phase of shopping.


Of mobile searchers have used Click-to-Call to connect with a business directly from the search engine results pages.

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Click-to-Call Service Highlights

Global coverage of Routee's cick to call service

Global coverage

Don’t worry about the service provider of your existing or potential customers. Our extended global coverage includes every mobile and landline operator.

Call logs

Call history and data is recorded and can be extracted to give your business the reports it needs to further enhance its services.

Activation scheduling

You can schedule the time and the day that your users can access the service. With Routee’s Click-to-Call our business is in complete control.


The services from Routee are entirely universal. No matter your business’s service provider, or the networks your customers use. Click-to-Call just works.

IP filtering

You choose any IPs that you believe should be blocked. You also have the option to restrict access to Click-to-Call at certain times of the day.


Click-to-Call doesn’t stop at your apps or website. We can fully customize your service to include print media using QR codes.

Click to call customization

Are you developer?

Do you want to see our VoIP API docs?

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Use Cases



Your sales team can be empowered with services from Routee. Integrating your existing CRM with services from Routee gives your enterprise a complete 360-degree view of each customer. With Click-to-Call, your sales team is always in control.



Your service department wants to follow up with multiple customers about a service issue that is now resolved. Since the customer service application has been integrated with Routee platform, it’s easy to pull up the list of customers who were affected.

Event Organizers

Event Organizers

Your marketing department wants to confirm attendance at a conference. Because your CRM application is integrated with Routee Platform, your marketing department is able to assign groups of attendees to representatives based on location, time zone and a phone number.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Expand your Click-to-Call services

Extending your Click-to-Call solution such as pre-recorded messages and call recording can give you valuable insights about customer behavior.

Improve your customer services

Measure your business’s capabilities and response time. This is valuable data to enhance your customer support services.

Free communication

Click-to-Call is powerful. Give your customers a fast and free way to contact your business. This reinforces loyalty and sets your business apart from the crowd.

Eliminate call center questions

Banish call center stress from your business. Your customers will love the fast and direct connections they can make with your company.

Take care of your customers

Excellent customer service is how consumers decide which brands to buy from. Use Click-to-Call to make lasting personal connections with your customers.

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