Keep communications private with Call Masking

Protect the privacy of your customers by masking all calls with random virtual numbers. Enter new privacy-oriented markets with Call Masking by Routee, the digital platform that automates all your business communications.


of customers appreciate greatly the added privacy and security features a company employs in their services.


of people say their trust in a company increases when their personal numbers are protected with call masking.


of people don’t feel comfortable sharing
their numbers with business service providers.

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Service Highlights

Leverage proven best practices

Adopt industry-standard best practices

Create customer experiences that users have grown to expect from any modern company.

Customer privacy

Customer privacy

Make and receive calls without compromising the security and privacy of your customers.

Voice and SMS on the same number

Voice and SMS on the same number

With Routee, voice and text communications are enabled on the same phone number.

Use phone numbers efficiently

Efficient use of phone numbers

Use the same phone number for all your business interactions to reduce costs and optimize resources.

Call tracking

Call tracking

Keep track of all your customer calls and analyze volume, duration and other valuable data to develop new marketing strategies.

Analytical reports

Protect your business interests

Prevent off-platform interactions and private communications to protect your business interests and drive profits.

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Use Cases

Taxi services

Taxi Services

Call Masking makes the process of calling for a taxi safer and anonymous. Customers can request a taxi service without sharing their contact details or actual identities. Such features inspire trust in any company and help establish it as a business that cares about the privacy and personal safety of its customers.



With the fast-food industry embracing apps for ordering meals via mobile and the internet, keeping a customer’s phone number safe and private is now essential. With Call Masking, communications to and from customers are made without ever revealing any actual numbers, investing further on privacy and ethical business trends.



Customers are often asked for their phone numbers when registering or using applications and services. Sometimes they can be reluctant to share such highly personal information. Call Masking adds an extra layer of security and reassurance that enables your more privacy-aware customers to use your service, knowing that their personal phone number is kept safe, secure and secret at all times.

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Gain with Routee

Number privacy

When your company needs to share a number, Call Masking can be used to ensure that privacy is always maintained and respected.

Disposable numbers

Create a temporary disposable phone number to make and receive calls without ever revealing your real number.

Customer loyalty

Build trust and brand loyalty among your customers using Call Masking. Increase your regular sales and repeat business.

Prevent Off-platform transactions

Prevent buyers and sellers from engaging in private communications by keeping your transactions private and secure within your business platform.

Operate at scale

Use our Call Masking service to ensure that your company employs the latest communications and security protocols. Enter new markets with confidence, abiding to stricter laws and privacy requirements.

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