Drive conversions with Promotional Emails

Send personalized marketing emails packed with engaging offers to boost conversions. Connect your brand to the right audiences with list segmentation at the right time.

4.1 billion

Global email users

will be reached by 2021 making the email channel vital for your business.


Increase in

revenue from segmented campaigns is a proven way to increase sales.


Personal segmented emails

are one of the most effective marketing channels throughout 2018.

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Service Highlights

High delivery rates

High delivery rates

We do more than ensure your emails make it to your customers’ inbox. We get your emails in front of subscribers with targeted email services you can trust.

Open rates

Open Rates

Pick from one of the many templates available, personalize the content and get detailed reports about your email campaigns. Optimizing your campaigns ensures high opening rates.

Automated scheduled campaigns

Automated Scheduled Campaigns

Create your campaigns and set the time and date you want your email to be sent. Routee can help your business optimize the time and day when you send your emails to reach every recipient.

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Automation tools available

Automation tools available

Create scalable campaigns that deliver the right email messages to your customers. Routee’s automated systems make your campaigns fast and efficient to set up and monitor.

API integration

API Integration

Routee email messaging is available on both U/I and API. Take advantage of our easy-to-use platform and start sending highly effective emails your customers will open.

A/B testing

A/B Testing

Find out which emails work and which don’t with Routee’s A/B testing services. Conduct tests to see which email designs engage with your customers.

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Use Cases



Product recommendations are a great way to keep customers coming back to your store. Build a profile from each customer’s past actions, including purchases and browsing history. From this profile, you can send personalized promotional emails.



Travel and tourism marketers need to find cost-effective ways to grab the attention of each traveler and convince them to click the book now button. That’s why so many destinations are seeing success using email marketing.



Understanding the past behavior of a customer is a tried and tested way to promote the right content to them. Track and analyze viewing habits to develop a detailed profile of each customer.



Send a welcome email that starts building the customer relationship. Once people have opened your email, you want them to click through to take up your offer. Locating the right people to send your emails to is where Routee’s Promotional Email services can help.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Massive scalability

Do you have hundreds or even millions of customers? We can dispatch your messages securely and accurately to any number of customers.

Personalized content

Dispatch personalized promotional emails based on individual customer profiles. Speak directly to each customer to build strong brand loyalty.

Feedback and reporting

Detailed analytics about your email campaigns are always available. Measure your results and the impact on your customers. Create improved segmented campaigns.

Easy and fast campaign creation

Adjust your email’s content and the template you’re using in under 5 minutes. Then let Routee use its world-class automation systems to send your messages securely.

Routee differences

Fair Pricing Policy

Fair Pricing

User trust

+20000 users
trust us

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