Transform your business with Web Push Notifications

Send Web Push Notifications to people through any existing browser and user desktop. As Routee's notification platform has a presence in over 190 countries, your business can reach its customers no matter their location.


Opening rate on average can be expected from Routee Push Notifications.


Of customers opt-in to receive push notifications, as they want to stay in touch.

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Website notifications that reach your users, however they want

Engage with your potential or already existing clients by sending website notifications directly to their desktop or mobile device across multiple channels like Web Overlays, Web Push, and Email. With push notification software from Routee, the power to connect is right at your fingertips.

  • Web Overlays
  • Web Push
  • Email

Service Highlights



Increase your customer base or gather the data you are lacking through Web Push. Create a Push template that includes forms and generate more and more leads.

Rich Content

Rich Content

Enrich the content of your messages while including engaging images, buttons as a call to action, links and rating buttons. Build your brand and create lasting connections with each customer.

Campaign Reports

Campaign Reports

You can see the exact time of the delivery or conversion. You can also see which of the recipients has converted with your notifications, no matter how many customers your business has.

Easy Integration

Dynamic Templating

Give personalization a new depth by leveraging the power of templating in every campaign you create. Create smarter messages for higher impact.


Automated communication

Automate your notifications by setting up events that will trigger actions. Engage active users with context-aware web overlays shown at the right time and place

Quiet Hours

A/B testing

You can create two different templates, then see which of them responds better and improve the efficiency of your communication. 

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Use Cases

Digital Newspapers

Digital Newspapers

Send web Push Notifications even if users do not interact with your site. You can either make it appear as a pop-up when a visitor enters your website or schedule it to appear at a certain date and time. Get users to opt-in or re-engage with you.



A customer selects their items and places them in their basket. However, they don't move forward to complete their purchase. Abandoned carts continue to be a significant issue for online stores. The solution is push notifications.



Did you know that e-commerce push notifications increase engagement by 278%? Alert your customers about your latest offers and promotions directly to their phones. Bring your audience up to date effortlessly with Routee’s Push Notification services.

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Personalized campaigns

Reach your audience with personalized Push Notifications based on segmentation and increase website traffic.

Free costs you more

Free Push Notification providers are common. However, their security can be weak. Collaborate with Routee and make sure your messages are secure.

Web notifications

Send Push Notifications to people through any existing browser. Notifications can display even when your customers are not interacting with your website at the moment.

Track conversions

Easily and instantly view comprehensive campaign reports that measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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