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Want to reach your audience fast? How about 30000 SMS with a single API call fast? You read that right! See what else you can do with our SMS API.

, Marketing SMS API
, Marketing SMS API
, Marketing SMS API
, Marketing SMS API

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Communication Build in Simple Lines

Using Routee API you are able to build your communication event-driven in less than 30 minutes. Use our powerful API to build your flow of communication.

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer 12dc9fe4-7df4-4786-8d7a-a46d307687f4' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{
  "callback": {
    "strategy": "OnCompletion", 
    "url": ""
  }, "body":"Welcome to MindPuzzle! Invite your friends and win special gifts. see more in", "campaignName":"Welcoming",
   ], "scheduledDate":"2017-01-23T09:00:01Z", "from":"MindPuzzle"
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, Marketing SMS API

How it works

If you want to send SMS messages so as to promote or advertise your services or products, all you have to do is enter only the necessary information to your API call. Decide and input your sender ID, the list of recipients and the body of the message and you are set to go! Should you desire more customization, you can even decide to send a flash SMS, add a label to your SMS or play around with the callback options we provide. But don’t worry about that. You can see all the details in our documentation

, Marketing SMS API
, Marketing SMS API

Personalize your SMS

Our SMS API can receive up to 3000 requests per min; therefore scalability is not an issue for you anymore! Now, imagine all those messages can be personalized to fit your customers’ profile. How? You can choose between Alphanumeric or Numeric Sender ID, send the same text to all your contacts or segment your audience so they receive a more personal message, use different labels for each person and even schedule your campaign based on your recipients’ time zone. Of course, every aspect of your campaign is gathered and presented to you through detailed reports.

Compatibility? No worries.

A single SMS contains up to 160 characters, in GSM format, or up to 70 characters, in Unicode format. That doesn’t mean we let you waste your SMS space. We also provide you with auto-transcoding for Unicode characters to GSM compatible ones, allowing you to fit more text in a single SMS and prevent you from being charged for multiple messages!

, Marketing SMS API

Is promotion all I can do with SMS?

That’s Transactional SMS for you!

, Marketing SMS API

SMS is not only a tool for promotion of your brand but a transactional one, as well. When a transaction takes place through your app or software, your customers will definitely want to receive some feedback to proceed with the transaction and even receive confirmation it has been completed safely.



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, Marketing SMS API

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