, 6 eCommerce Automation Workflows to Boost Sales
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With the ability to save time and cut costs, marketing automation is a necessity for eCommerce businesses that want to scale up. But if you’re going to make the most of it, you need to understand what to automate so you can apply your resources where you need them the most. Check out these six eCommerce automation workflows that will help you boost sales and grow your business:

1: Welcome Series

By opting into your list, people are telling you that they’re interested in your business. So you can build a lasting impression by immediately greeting them with a warm welcome. Create an eCommerce automation workflow that will welcome people who’ve signed up to your list and convert them from prospects into buying customers.

In fact, you’re likely to see 3X more transactions and revenue for every welcome email compared to regular promotional emails. You could further improve the chances of driving sales by including a special offer with your welcome email.

2: Post-Purchase Series

Remember that a customer’s business with your company doesn’t just end after they’ve completed a purchase. Sending them post-purchase follow-up emails can build and strengthen your relationship with them and eventually turn them into loyal customers.

Create a post-purchase eCommerce automation workflow to reassure your customers with order confirmation emails and regular order status updates. This series could also include emails to thank customers for their purchase, recommend related products they might be interested in, and more.

3: Cart Abandonment Emails

One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce retailers is cart abandonment, with an average of 69.57% shopping carts getting abandoned. But considering how those shoppers have browsed through your site and added some items to their cart, it’s likely that they have some interest in your products.

Perhaps they’re reconsidering the purchase or perhaps they forgot about the cart altogether. So you should set up an eCommerce automation workflow to recapture their interest and get them to complete their purchase.

4: Behavior-Based Discounts

Use purchase behavior tracking to get an accurate idea of what your customers are interested in and how they shop on your site. Then make the most of these insights to build an eCommerce automation workflow that triggers discount and offer emails relevant to those interests. For example, you could notify someone who regularly shops for kitchen products about your latest deals in that category.

In addition, you could also trigger behavior-based discounts and offers on your site. For example, let’s say a shopper has been viewing a certain item multiple times over the past few days without actually purchasing it. Judging from the frequency of their visit, it’s clear that they’re interested in that item.

But perhaps they’re hesitant to buy it because of the pricing? You could offer a special discount just for them so the next time they visit the page, they’ll see the offer popping up and might feel compelled to make that purchase.

5: Feedback and Review Emails

Reviews act as social proof for prospective customers who need some assurance in the quality of your product. So make an effort to collect as many customer reviews as possible through automated emails. Create eCommerce automation workflows to trigger review emails a few days after the customer receives the item.

You could also use the same workflow to collect customer feedback on how to improve your service and products.

6: Re-Engagement Series

While customer retention is crucial for scaling your eCommerce business, losing your once-loyal customers is also inevitable. But instead of accepting this fate, make an effort to recapture their interest and re-engage them. You could send them updates about your latest products in their favorite categories, provide them with limited period discounts, and recommend highly relevant products.

You won’t get back every single lost customer with a re-engagement eCommerce automation workflow series. But it still helps if you can manage to retain a small handful.

Final Thoughts

These leading eCommerce automation workflows will help you increase sales, but don’t just stop at these. There are plenty of automation workflows you can experiment with depending on the unique needs of your business and the behavior of your target customers. Start with these first and then come up with new ideas to fuel your eCommerce marketing strategy.

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