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WayMore eCommerce Omnichannel Automation extension for Magento

Enrich your Magento2 experience with Routee’s SMS/Voice/Email/OTT/Number services and Waymore Abandoned Cart automations, activity notifications over multiple channels and many more.

Integration Requirements

You should already have Magento e-commerce store software installed.

You will need to have a Magento Marketplace Account.

You will need have your Magento marketplace account Synced with your Magento website.

You will need an active Routee account.

You will have to Download plugin.

Supported Magento Versions: 2x.

Magento 2 extension installation guide

This document is a step-by-step guide to install Routee M2 extension.
1. Download the plugin if you haven’t already.

2. Go to the magento-root/app directory using FTP/SFTP or any type of server management platform, We attached images using Plesk.


3. Create code directory if it doesn’t exist.


4. Upload the plugin zip file in magento-root/app/code.


5. Extract the plugin zip file and you will be able to see a directory naming Routee


6. Open SSH/Terminal and got to magento-root directory and run following CLI commands in given sequence.


Setup Guide

1. After installation of the extension go to Magento admin panel and under admin > Stores > Configuration locate the new tab called Waymore Routee Settings as shown below in fig. 1 and fig. 2.

magento2, Magento2

magento2, Magento2

You will find all the available settings here (as shown in image above)

Enable :  Will authorize your provided account details for Routee platform to be used by you Magento admin.

Username : Your provided username

Password : Your provided password

Sync : This button will initiate the sync process with Routee systems in order to start using the extension features.

● Enter your credentials and press “Save Config".

● After the credentials are accepted you will receive the authorisation to perform operations in Routee/Waymore from your Magento.

Click on “Start Sync" button to start the Integration process.

After the process completes the fields will be disabled in order to avoid data duplication.

● Once data has been synced you will need to login to

You can use platform to send marketing campaigns to your Magento clients at this point. By utilising multiple channels like SMS, Viber, Email, Voice messages etc while gaining access to multiple business operations Routee is an essential marketing tool for every ecommerce owner.

● In order to access the automations interface you will need to click on “Marketing Automations" option to the left side menu in Routee.

● Once inside the Waymore Platform you will need to click on menu option “Automations".

magento2, Magento2

● Select you ecommerce website from the list.

magento2, Magento2

● Next you will be presented with the list of automations available for your platform. Select the automation you want to activate and edit the available settings.

magento2, Magento2

● Pressing the + button allows you to add dynamic variables like abandoned cart URL or customers name in order to build personalised automations.

magento2, Magento2


Routee – Magento 2 Plugin


Supported Magento Versions: 2x.

For Older Magento versions (1.9x) please
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Send a Notification through your preferred channel:

to the store owner when a new order is placed.

to the store owner when a new account is registered.

to the customer with their account login information when the registration process is successful.

to the customer when their order status has changed. Every order status can have a different message.

to the customer when their cart is full but they have not completed a purchase after 3 days.

as order confirmation when an order is placed.

to the store owner as “Out of stock" alerts.

to the customer when a new product is added.

to the customer on payment confirmation.

to the customer on their registration.

magento2, Magento2


Routee – Magento 2 Plugin


Supported Magento Versions: 2.x

For Older Magento versions (1.9x) please
Visit this page

Do you need assistance to complete the installation?

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