Call Masking

Make and receive calls without exposing the caller’s and/or the receiver’s real numbers with Call Masking. Select between one-way and two-way call masking according to your needs and your country’s regulations.

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Call Tracking

Call Masking enables you to track every call performed toward your dedicated number and get all the information needed, including date and time status, intermediate actions (redial, forwarded, etc.) and extract reports based on your criteria.


Fully automated

With Call Masking you don’t have to set up every call. You just call the dedicated number and everything is running in the background for a fully automated experience.


Fast Implemented

Call Masking is offered as a plug ‘n’ play solution and can be deployed in production very quickly without wasting time, without reducing operating costs and workload.


Configurable and Flexible

Adjust Call Masking to your needs and your operation country’s regulation by selecting between one-way and two-way call masking without any extra work or cost.


Dynamic Originator

When using Call Masking, you are free to choose the number that you wish to appear on the device of the receiver (caller ID). Change the caller ID between your apps or campaigns (only available on two-way Call Masking).



Implement Call Masking once and scale your operation as much as you need without having to worry as scalability is easily achieved by having as many numbers as you need both national and international.





6 elements you will really value

Prevent off-platform transactions by preventing buyers and sellers from engaging in private communications.

Reduce costs by not registering multiple numbers and allow multiple calls through the same MSISDN number.

There is no need to implement any hardware or software.

Keep records and analytics collectively for your business and extract results from the statistics.

Protect buyer's (both one-way and two-way) and seller's (two-way only) identities.

No setup or extra settings required, be up and running in minutes.

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