Virtual Numbers

Set up interactive communication with your users, customers, colleagues and partners via SMS or direct phone calls. 

Create rich interactions or enable your application to make and receive phone calls, text messages in the same multi-functional virtual number. Be able to run campaigns or just communicate!

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Routee Features


All about this service

Multi-functional numbers

You don’t have to obtain different numbers for text and voice communication. Make and receive messages and calls from a single SMS and voice-enabled number, reducing administrative effort.


Localised numbers

Get a regional phone number and send/receive SMS or make/receive calls with standard SMS and call costs of national numbers. Don’t let your customers, users, colleagues and partners fear the cost of texting or calling you.


Auto or manual responders

You get to choose how you may answer your inbound text messages or phone calls. Set auto-responders or do it manually giving a personal touch.



You are free to run multiple campaigns on a single provided number, reducing your costs and administrative hastle. Don’t mess up with multiple numbers and keywords, unless you want to.


Monitoring & Administration

You can monitor and track all outbound and inbound traffic (SMS or voice) of your number/s through a single point. All displayed data are in real-time and reports can be extracted based on your criteria.



You can receive detailed information for every transmitted or received text message or voice call, including message/call status, session start and end time, performed actions during or upon receipt of the SMS/call (if any is preset) and billing details, that took place through your number/s.





6 elements you will really value

Open up an interactive line of communication with users, existing or potential customers, colleagues and partners anywhere in the world.

Lower communication (outbound or intra-company), customer care and advertising costs with call costs of local numbers.

Lower administrative cost of your numbers, as everything is monitored through a single panel.

Better customer support, as you can provide one local number and let them decide how to contact you.

There is no need to implement any hardware or software.

Real-time usage records of the number/s to better serve your needs.

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