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Know the exact moment a lead interacts with your
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Get a complete view of the performance of your tracked links on your dashboard.


Visitor location

View the countries where the clicks of a specific link originate from.

Visitor location

Statistics breakdown

Access valuable data generated over the last week, the last month or all time.

Statistics breakdown

Track marketing campaigns, Trackers

Massive scalability

Track links from any type of promotional emails, banner ads, blog posts, social media posts, affiliates, etc.



A line graph shows how your link has performed over time.


Click count

A click count shows how many hits your link received.

Click count

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Use Cases

Retail Shop

Trackers use case for e shopsTrack your customers’ preferences on the products you offer and motivate them to complete their order. Build their profiles automatically and send emails with promotions, offers and discounts.

Marketing Agencies

Trackers use case for Marketing AutomationHaving trouble measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns? Track which campaign your audience responds better to and fine-tune the upcoming ones accordingly.


Trackers use case for TravelTrends are changing at a very fast pace. Track the destinations your clients are interested in visiting and schedule more efficient campaigns. Add a personal touch to your communications.

Gain with Routee

Gather actionable data

With Routee’s Tracker, you know exactly which marketing platforms are profitable and which ones are not. Add tracking links to your social media messages, ads, banner ads, blog posts, email campaigns and press releases for a full overview of your marketing strategy hits and misses.

Analyze ROI

To help your company grow, you must understand where your leads are coming from and how much interest and revenue has been generated. Routee helps you assess each of your campaign’s Return On Investment (ROI).

Faster qualification of leads

Gather customer information to recognize and qualify sales leads using AI-powered chatbots. Handoff leads to a salesperson while preserving the context of the chatbot conversation.


In privacy settings, you can limit the access to the data each form collects and prevent the unauthorized cloning of information. Store data within the EU with our fully GDPR compliant features.

Leads’ browsing history

A built-in activity stream automatically logs each lead’s browsing history. You can see which emails, links and documents were opened and when, then personalize your approach to get the sale.

Track marketing campaigns, Trackers

Automated big
data analysis



regarding on needs

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