Create any form your business needs, fast and securely

The Forms services from Routee makes creating the perfect form fast and efficient. What’s more, responses are gathered automatically and become segmented data, ready for your personalized communication actions.


Increase in conversion after conducting a web survey.


Better results with web forms using clearer button text.


Of people would rather fill out a beautifully designed form than the plain one.

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Service Highlights

Reporting tools

Reporting tools

View the signup source for all subscribers to find out which of your forms are the most effective.

Mobile-friendly templates

Mobile-friendly templates

Delight your audiences with sleek digital designs that seamlessly adapt to all their connected devices.

Pop-up boxes

Pop-up boxes

Use opt-in boxes to deliver critical messages and place your business’s offers right in front of your customers.

Integrate with your CRM

Integrate with your CRM

Your customers’ data collected via Forms can easily be imported into all the leading CRM systems.

SEO-friendly pages

SEO-friendly pages

Leveraging SEO across the forms your business creates has never been easier with the Forms services from Routee.

Quickly import your contacts

Quickly import your contacts

We offer several options with instructions to guide you through the entire process of importing your contacts lists you want to send your forms to.

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Use Cases



Asking your customers, clients and commercial partners how your business did over your last transaction is valuable information. Using a well-designed form will ensure this information can be captured. Also, customer service is always the ideal area of your business to use forms to help improve customer trust and loyalty.



Business planning to launch a new product or service can use a range of forms to understand the customers they are aiming their innovation at. Surveys are also a great way to uncover information that can help businesses improve their service delivery. Gathering this information could be time-consuming.



Gathering data about a specific customer group is now vital for all business, but none more so than in the media sector. Ad campaigns need to be sophisticated pieces of multi-faceted media that often need to speak to narrow groups of consumers. The Forms service from Routee makes it easy to create these forms.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Dedicated support

Our technical support specialists are here to help you every step of the way via email, chat, or phone.

Simple plugin

If your site uses WordPress, Routee has developed a plugin specifically to help you use forms across your site.

Safe and secure data

Routee gives your business the option of storing your customer data within the EU that is fully compliant with GDPR.

Form privacy

In privacy settings, you can limit access to the data each form collects and also disable cloning of your forms.

Spam security

Routee offers two different CAPTCHA alternatives to make it difficult for bots to fill out your form.

Routee differences

Automated big data analysis

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Powered by one of the world leaders in connected technology, Routee uses AMD Telecom to ensure your business has robust, reliable and scalable automated marketing services you can trust and count on day-after-day.