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Increase your customer engagement and retention rates now. Routee can provide you with all the resources you might need to build a successful Telegram Business account.

200 million

active users

15 billion

messages daily

8 million


Messaging apps usage continues to grow and has yet to peak. Text messages are a powerful tool for reaching your target audience in their preferred channel of communication and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

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Telegram API for Business Service Highlights

In-app transactions

In-app transactions

Now users don’t need to visit any external websites to make a purchase -  all payments are processed within the Telegram app. With Routee you can accept payments from your Telegram users across the world.

Rich Media Technology

Rich Media Technology

Create and launch engaging marketing campaigns. Send and receive rich-content messages that include text, images, buttons, emoticons, stickers, video and audio content or files of any type.

Massive Reach

Massive Reach

You can create groups of up to 200,000 people. Routee can deliver your messages accurately and securely, taking full advantage of Telegram Chat unique competitive features.

Active Engagement

Active Engagement

With Routee you can send personalized content to your customers as soon as it's published. Communicate important alerts, flash sales, transactions and other services in an instant.

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Analytics Integration

Analytics Integration

Receive reports on customer behavior to understand individual preferences. Routee provides a detailed analysis of your customer data to help you increase your company’s ROI.

Audience Segmentation

Segment Audiences

Save time on multiple mailouts. Send personalized messages to your segmented audiences and optimize your customers' communication.

24/7 Responses

24/7 Responses

Elevate your Customer Service experiences with automated messages. Deliver responses to your customer requests automatically, employing intelligent keyword recognition software.

Fallback Options

Failover Options

Routee can set up intelligent failover solutions when your messages are not read by their recipients. Never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience again.

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Telegram API Use Cases

Telegram use cases for Retail


Inform your customers about your new product launches and services, latest offers and discounts. Increase sales and reduce cart abandonment rate with In-App Purchases.

Telegram use cases for Travel


Airlines can issue boarding passes, communicate flight times and gate changes via Telegram Business Chat to each passenger individually. Promote new destinations and offer a seamless customer service experience.

Telegram use cases for Real Estate

Real Estate

Make it easy for clients to find their ideal property on the market. Keep your prospective buyers informed about new deals and finds, and respond to their search queries promptly and accurately.

Telegram use cases for Financial

Medical Industry

Set up efficient booking procedures and appointment reminders. Create keyword triggers to responses and automatically deliver responses to queries and confirmation messages.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

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Increase your Revenue

With Routee In-App Purchase integration, transactions have never been easier! Reduce cart abandonment and increase your conversion rate.

Provide Greater Customer Satisfaction

Improve your response time with automated messages. Promptly assist your customers with their inquiries and increase your revenue substantially with pre-set responses to your most frequently asked questions.

Get Immediate Feedback

Let your customers reach you with Telegram’s two-way messaging.  Conduct surveys for product and brand improvement.

Segment your Audience

Launch highly targeted campaigns based on your customer preferences or repeat business trends. Send exclusive offers to your loyal base and increase your retention rates.

Highly Engaged Customers

Keep your customers updated on your latest products and services. With Routee you can launch automated campaigns, based on new content such as blog posts and e-commerce catalogs.

Security as a Priority

Routee’s Telegram Business Messaging service is provided via private cloud servers that are fully protected with the latest firewall technology. You can be confident that each message will be sent privately and securely to each recipient.

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Routee differences

Quicker response, faster resolution

Quicker response,
faster resolution

Connection anywhere, anytime

Connection anywhere,

Limitless segmentation


24/7 Support


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