Gain leads and market insight with Missed Call

Let prospective customers reach you at an advertised number. Automatically hang up on callers after generating valuable carrier and location data to return their call. Launch smart and cost-effective marketing campaigns with Routee.


of global markets have limited access to broadband and mobile internet.


of potential customers prefer non-intrusive marketing campaigns.


of businesses recognize their target audience via smart media campaigns.


of businesses use multiple platforms to advertise for measurable results.

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Generate leads with our cloud based Missed Call service

Engage with potential customers in new effective ways

10 JULY 2016

Publish an advertisement with a toll-free contact number on any form of media such as Magazine, Website, Billboard, SMS Campaign etc.

25 MAY 2016

A person interested in your service makes a missed call to the advertised toll-free number.

10 JULY 2016

The company gets a real-time missed call notification on its associated email account.

25 MAY 2016

The caller’s number is added to your company database in real-time.

10 JULY 2016

The caller receives an SMS message on their mobile number with a thank you message and additional information.

25 MAY 2016

Your customer agent calls back the registered number and completes the sale.

Service Highlights

Personalized sales

Integrate toll-free numbers in innovative marketing campaigns and revolutionize your customer service using personalized data.

Send follow-up SMS

The Routee platform enables your business to send follow-up SMS messages to all potential customers that placed a missed call.

Low deployment time

Integrate a Missed Call number in your marketing campaign within 10 minutes after activation or use an existing number for improved brand recognition.

Integration with CRM

Our Missed Call services are paired with tools for advanced marketing analytics. Get accurate insights and design a tailor-made customer journey.

Multiple missed calls

Use logged Missed Calls to make the first contact with keen and informed potential customers. Lay the foundations for future brand-to-customer communications.

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Use Cases

Missed call use case service for Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

When conducting marketing research, many agencies employ the Routee Missed Call service to track the performance of TV, print, radio and web media channels. Based on the source of a missed call, segmented customer data provides insight on market demographics and preferences.

Missed call use case service for Banks

Finance & Banking sector

Businesses in the financial sector can offer automatic phone-based account updates or call back services to their clients, to accommodate requests more efficiently. Clients receive information on their inquiries without straining the infrastructure and human resources of call centers.

Missed call use case service for Retail


Through Missed Call, retail businesses can conduct targeted surveys before launching their marketing campaigns. Promotional ideas can be tested to a selected audience to gauge the interest of the public and build on brand loyalty and wider recognition.

Missed call use case service for Security


With the Routee Missed Call service, businesses in the security sector can return calls to their clients in an instant. Often used in emergency circumstances, efficient call management can strengthen the security and perceived value of your provided services, one user at a time.

It's easy to get started!

Gain with Routee

Generate leads with a missed call number

Missed Call services from Routee can accelerate the speed of customer acquisition.

Launch targeted marketing campaigns with Missed Calls

Use the Missed Calls generated data in marketing campaigns to target the right demographics.

Reach customers anywhere in the world

Introduce marketing campaigns with Missed Calls to tap into audiences from regions with no broadband or mobile internet connectivity.

On-demand content delivery with our Missed Call services

Share personalized content with your target audiences over a single phone call.

Build interactive campaigns with Missed Call alerts

Call back your customers with detailed product or service information they requested at zero cost to them.


Missed Call services from Routee can be used as an alternative to Click-to-call.

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