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Why do you need a toll-free number service?

Customers demand seamless communication. So, providing a seamless communication experience is essential for a successful business. That means that always being connected and available is a must and you have to make it a priority, regardless of your business.

A toll free number solution might be a multichannel communication platform worth investing in. Simply because it enables customers to reach you, whenever, without spending a dime.

Whether it is a query about your product or any other issue, being able to contact a business without being charged for the call is surely a plus. This makes toll-free numbers a customer engagement tool that any organization can rely on. 
In addition to that, another important benefit toll-free services can offer is empowering your marketing and branding initiatives.

Use of toll-free number services across industries

In the next few minutes, we will see how toll-free numbers are being used in different industries to improve the customer experience.

1. Marketing & Advertising

Building a distinctive and memorable presence is no easy task. This is where a toll-free number comes in. With an easy-to-remember and good-looking number (aka vanity number), brands can achieve an increase in awareness and recall. This is facilitated as a business can include its brand name in an alpha-numeric form. Obviously, the potential customers can associate the number with a business and call more frequently to generate higher sales. Businesses can also have specific toll-free numbers for individual campaigns such as those for television, print, billboards, or the web. These numbers can be used to track a campaign’s performance to find the most effective campaign strategy.

2. Government and non-profit organizations

Government agencies often use toll-free numbers to deliver information, support, advice, and referrals to the callers in need. These can range from emergency helplines in the case of natural disasters, to reporting crime, to women’s safety, and public service announcements. Similarly, in the case of non-profit organizations, toll-free numbers are used to garner support for a cause through donations.


3. Healthcare

Medical emergencies, however big or small, require an immediate medical response. In fact, ambulances were the first area to implement toll-free numbers. That is why medical helplines for consultation, ambulance, doctor or paramedic are still being widely used.

Another way toll-free numbers are used in the healthcare industry to tackle administration challenges. Long appointment queues are one of the primary reasons for frustration. With a toll-free solution, medical institutions can automatically book multiple appointments simultaneously, on the same number. This saves time for both patients and hospitals.

Finally, toll-free numbers can be integrated with CRM platforms, so patient management can be better handled. This makes it easy for hospitals to maintain a patient’s history, such as their previous medical conditions. This is vital in case of emergencies, as a patient’s history can help in critical life and death situations.

4. Entertainment

Toll-free number solutions are widely used in the entertainment industry as voting hotlines to decide a winner. This viewer voting format has become a norm for reality shows and games around the world. Each participant is assigned a specific number and viewers can call to cast their votes. The number of calls received can also be used to understand how well the show is doing.

5. Retail & Ecommerce

Customers love toll-free phone support. It is a great way for their customer service issues and inquiries to be solved immediately. That is why a lot of businesses in the retail and e-commerce industry use them. For instance, if a customer has questions about an item they are thinking of buying, they will go ahead and call the toll-free number. After all, they won’t have to worry about phone charges. And the more easily customers can reach a business, the more likely they will engage and transact with it.

6. Tourism & Travel

International toll-free numbers are critical for the tourism and travel industry. Whether we are talking about hotel chains, restaurants, or airlines, businesses in this industry receive a huge amount of calls. From booking requests to confirmations and cancellations, they need to have an international toll-free number to accommodate the needs of travelers. If a business does not have one, customers will hesitate to make the call. This can potentially hurt your business, as they might just decide to work with another business to get what they need. On the other hand, an international toll-free number can help raise marketing ROI, build credibility, and improve global customer care efforts.

7. Financial institutions

Financial companies provide valuable services that need clear and uninterrupted communication with clients. Clients very often contact them with different queries, to make payments, notify possible fraudulent activity, and much more. As they manage a large number of incoming calls, it is essential that they offer efficient ways for calls to come through. Toll-free numbers are one way to ensure clients don't have to hesitate before calling your service. By using a toll-free service bank clients feel more confident doing business with them. They feel that they can reach them quickly and that they are always accessible. This is important in building long-lasting relationships based on trust.

To sum up

Toll-free phone numbers are more than a means of communication for businesses. Regardless of industry, they are a great marketing tool that can help your business stand out from its competition. They can increase credibility and customer loyalty and improve your customer service. Once you implement them, you will be able to improve your numbers in no time, by gaining more leads and tapping into new markets. So, why wait. Let customers reach you via a Toll-free Number from Routee. Make your business more accessible to them and remove all calling costs for them! Get your toll-free number today and see the difference!

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