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What is click-to-call?

Click-to-call (also called click-to-talk, click-to-dial, or click-to-text) refers to a service that enables an individual to click a button or link on a website, to be connected with another individual in real-time. The technology intends to help save time so customers don’t have to manually enter business phone numbers into their phone or interrupt their web browser to make a phone call. In just one click customers can automatically “call” a number, putting them in touch with a live staff member. What makes the technology stand out is that it is faster than email, easier than traditional phone calls and has a higher conversion rate than any other medium.

How does click to call work?

Simple. Here are 3 ways in which it works.

  • Click to request a callback

Customer clicks a button and enters their phone number. An agent calls the customer on their phone. The call can either be made immediately, or customers can select a preferred time.

  • VoIP click to call

The most common version of click to call, also known as a web call. A customer clicks a button and is directly connected to an agent using their computer’s microphone and speaker.

  • Click to call on a smartphone

A customer clicks a call button on their mobile and a normal phone call is initiated from their phone.

What are the Benefits of click-to-call?

You may believe that in this digital day and age, consumers no longer make calls. You are wrong. Click-to-call has been proven to be extremely effective for businesses across industries. So, let’s take a look at how click-to-call can benefit your business:

1. Simplify communication and provide superior service

All in all, click-to-call simplifies things, taking advantage of the customer’s need for convenience. With a single click, you can place the call to the assigned number. And when you make things easy for people, they will remember it and will surely reward you. Take for example a site visitor using their smartphone to search for services and products. They are likely to have questions or want other information that might not be readily available. A website equipped with the click-to-call button is likely to receive a phone call from that user. That is because when it comes to an inquiry, consumers prefer phone contact over any other alternative, including email, self-service tools, and text chat. After all, it is the easiest way to easily find more details about the service or product they are actually interested in or solve issues and queries quicker.

Additionally, a fully web-based click-to-call exchange offers businesses many more engagement capabilities, when compared to a traditional phone call which is limited to simple voice interaction. With click-to-call functionality, agents and consumers can browse through the website together. Being able to seamlessly transition to other contact channels, such as live chat, video call, and co-browsing, agents can best serve customers and increase first-time resolution rates.


‍2. Gather more customer journey data

With a click-to-call button, tracking conversations can be achieved with greater ease, as you know what web page customers have called you from! This data can in turn be very powerful for optimizing your customer journey mapping. Take for example if the data shows a lot of customers clicking to call on one specific page. This suggests that the information on that page is not very clear. With this knowledge, businesses can optimize the copy, visuals and UX to improve the customer journey. In addition, by gathering this data businesses can empower their agents. The more data agents have available, the more effective and productive they can be. Click to call can provide them with data such as what web page a customer is calling from, which in turn is vital as it provides a context to solve the customer’s problem. With this piece of extra information, interaction can be streamlined, making agents more effective at solving problems and improving first-time resolution rates.

‍3. Increase reach and conversions

76% of consumers say they would use click-to-call features to schedule an appointment for local services. Proving once again how effective a tool it is for getting customers to get in touch with you. And as we all know, more contact = more conversions! Click-to-call interactions have a conversion rate of between 5% and 25% (depending on the industry), which is 4 times higher than online conversions. It makes sense. Most of the callers are hot leads and it is rather easy to turn a hot lead into a customer. A friendly web call can often convince them to make the choice, at the spot. What’s more, click-to-call services give your international clients an incentive to reach you from around the world, without having to worry about long-distance costs. Every customer can contact you through the same button, without paying international calling charges. And you can assist them from any country in the world, even with remote teams.

‍4. Manage calls efficiently

Some days are busier than others. Some hours of the day too. The last thing you need is to receive a flood of calls during peak hours and leave your customers waiting to finally speak with a human. With click-to-call, you can call back the customer at a time that they predefine would work best for them. This ensures that they are reached whenever you are both best available and you get to continue operations without losing out on valuable leads and existing customers. By managing the operations of phone calls, your business will be open to customers whenever it is best suitable and available for both parties. Additionally, when there’s a busy line to your office, you don’t have to keep callers waiting, while getting connected to the designated department. Businesses can dedicate a helpline for each department, as soon as an agent is available.

‍5. Save money and increase return

Last but not least, the technology also offers businesses several monetary benefits. First of all, web calls are cheaper than phone calls. You don’t have to pay for a traditional phone line or the associated charges. Secondly, since you do not need to have employees and phone numbers in all the countries where your business reaches. This can help you to start winning customers in locations where you have no local presence. Lastly, as previously stated click to call is a very effective tool in increasing contact and conversions. As a result, it has a very high return on investment (ROI). According to research, click-to-call technology has proven to increase ROI by 143% on average!

‍How to add click to call to your website?

As we discussed in this post, click-to-call can provide a more efficient and quicker means to connect with your customers. This in turn can help you engage with them, solve their problems and remove any obstacles for a seamless communication process. In your efforts to achieve effective business-customer communication, we strongly recommend using a Click to call feature on your website. So, if you are ready to simplify communications for your customers and connect with them when they want to talk, now is the time to get started. Using Click-to-Call from Routee across your business is the perfect way to build your brand loyalty and make meaningful personal connections with each customer.

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