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What is missed call marketing?

The idea of missed calls dates back a long time ago when the telephone call rates were very high. Back then, placing a call for trivial purposes such as chatting with a friend, communicating with a company in another country, or advertising a product or service was a well-thought process. Especially during the rise of mobile telephony, many people started using the missed call as a way of communication for notifying their friends and family about their safe whereabouts. The introduction of VoIP telephony allowed for a significant lowering of the call rates, yet the habit of missed calling lies still in the air. Missed call service providers rely on this prime psychological factor of people wanting to avoid calling costs and enable businesses to use this service in combination with their overall marketing strategy to communicate with their customers and increase their lead generation.

Nowadays, missed call marketing is a marketing strategy that works in conjunction with other forms of pull marketing strategy. This marketing strategy encapsulates the idea that the audience to whom a company addresses a specific advertising campaign reaches out to this business at no cost. The free-of-charge reaching out of the audience to the business works as an additional incentive for prospects to take the extra mile and reach out to the company performing the promotion.

How does a missed call campaign work?

A business can use a missed call service to create a marketing campaign that will trigger its audience in interacting with the company without having to make any expense. As soon as a person calls the designated business number, the call is automatically disconnected. Instantly, the caller receives a text message, a voice message, or a callback with the information the company wants to provide them with.

Creating a missed call campaign is pretty straightforward; any business can do it. All you need is to connect with a cloud-based missed call service provider, select the 10-digit number that will represent your company's missed call number, connect the virtual phone number that will allow you to effortlessly handle multiple missed calls simultaneously, promote this number by including it in your online and offline advertising, social media, all promotional material to create awareness, and set up your response flows (e.g., how you will respond after the placement of a missed call by a prospect. Will you send back an SMS, a Voice message, or engage in a real-human callback?)

Missed Called Marketing Infographic

How can you leverage the missed call service for your business?

There are numerous use cases of missed call campaigns that you can apply to your business as an integral part of your pull marketing strategy.

Missed call marketing can help your business achieve a broad set of processes including generating leads, driving app downloads, receiving feedback, and so on. Here are some indicative use cases:

  • One of the most cost-effective ways to generate quality leads is to encourage prospects to give a missed call and use it for lead generation. People who are interested in your products or services will view your published phone number and can give a missed call to the number that will indicate an expression of interest.
  • If you have an app and you wish to increase its downloads, you can prompt people who will find a use of your app to give your business a missed call. Put in action an omnichannel platform that will easily help you to receive the missed calls and instantly reply to the callers with an SMS that will provide them with the link to download your application. You can further support this marketing tactic by assigning your sales representatives to follow back with the people who downloaded the app to offer additional help on how to make the best use of your app and to proactively respond to any second thoughts users may raise.
  • You can facilitate and automate your customer support, regardless of your company’s industry, and prompt customers to give you a missed call when they need customer support. The missed calls will be automatically logged in your existing CRM and allocated to the proper customer support expert. You can even use different missed call numbers if you have a multi-diverse customer department for each one of your products or services.
  • You can run voting polls by enabling your audience to make a missed call to specific numbers that will indicate user preference. For example, if you want your audience to vote for a specific poll with numbered choices, you can allocate phone numbers for each choice, and each caller will designate his/her preference by placing a missed call to the designated number.
  • You can easily collect feedback for your surveys by triggering the dispatch of a questionnaire via SMS or Voice message when a caller places a missed call.
  • You can use the missed call service to verify your new customers and integrate the service into your two-factor or multifactor verification process.
  • You can use missed call service as an alert service and prompt your customers to place a missed call to request routine on-demand information requests, such as an account balance check, flight details, order or shipment status, etc. You can even integrate the service with your existing enterprise resource planning software or CRM and have the inbound missed calls stored in there.

What are the benefits of missed call marketing campaigns for your business?

Missed call marketing facilitates your company in various processes and departments, providing your business with valuable benefits.

  1. 1. In terms of customer support, you save time from your customer call center. As the response time decreases, you can service more customers in less time and, hence, increase your customer department’s productivity.
  2. 2. Saving time from your customers leads to enhanced customer experiences that breed customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty.
  3. 3. Acquiring high-quality leads enables your business to increase its sales performance and hence its revenues.
  4. 4. Missed call service allows you to automate many processes, as we also described in the above indicative use cases. Automation is ideal for boosting business efficiency and performance in several corporate areas.

What’s next for your business?

Keep in mind that, regardless of the type of marketing campaigns you run, the real value lies in being able to measure the outputs and outcomes. Using missed call service from reputed integrated sales and marketing tools like Routee enables you to make the most out of your inbound marketing strategy.

So, the actual essence of the missed call service for your business lies not in the actual process of enabling your audience to communicate with your business at no cost, but in the fact that your business can collect valuable data about your audience while engaging them at the same time.

You can leverage the full power of a missed call service campaign if you use it within the framework of intelligent omnichannel software that will provide you with valuable in-depth insights about your audience. It will be able to segment them into niche target groups of similar traits and preferences, and it will thus help you deliver them fully customized messages.

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