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happy sizes, Case Study: Happy Sizes

About Happy Sizes

Happy Sizes is a retail company that offers exclusive casual and formal women’s clothing in regular, curvy and plus sizes.

Having a long tradition in designing collections for women that expect the latest fashions in the right size, the company managed to become one of the leading shops for plus-size outfits in the wider metropolitan area of Thessaloniki, with three physical stores and an exclusive e-shop to date.

Always focusing on quality and on how to provide the best possible service to its female clients, Happy Sizes has gained the repeat business of an eclectic clientele that enjoys the distinguished look of being seen, admired and adored.

Happy Sizes is the perfect example case from the Clothing and Fashion industry. Using a powerful communication platform not only simplified the lead generation process of the marketing department, but also created and maintained a client database both at the premises and online.

The Challenge: The clothing boutique needed to create a valid customers’ database and reach more people on new channels

Happy Sizes has been seeing increased traffic in its brick-and-mortar shops and through its online presence and needed a reliable partner that would provide the necessary processes to gather the customers’ contact details.

The company had an inconsistent database system that wouldn’t for the proper segmentation of customers’ data. This, in turn, made it difficult for the business to communicate promotional messages to specific customers that would convert.

The marketing mix that the company was using did not have the expected results due to the unoptimized use of communication channels.

happy sizes, Case Study: Happy Sizes
happy sizes, Case Study: Happy Sizes

Solution: WayMore Forms and omnichannel approach including automations through SMS and Viber

The clothing boutique benefited from a number of services such as the following:

WayMore Forms: Forms were used both online and in the actual physical stores to enable customers to provide their contact details in order to receive promotions, offers and information about upcoming collections.

Database compatibility: The old contact database information was successfully migrated into the WayMore platform, providing savings on time and effort due to its automation properties.

WayMore segmentation: Having all customer data in one place, customer profiles were created to allow for better segmentation based on individual preferences and browsing habits. This resulted in better marketing results through higher open rates.

GDPR Compliance: All the customer data collection forms were compliant with the GDPR regulations and the customers themselves knowingly consented upon registration.

Routee Viber messages: The store preferred the instant interaction that the Viber messaging platform offers and opted to first change all of its communications with a failback SMS as the second option.

Routee SMS: Still reigning supreme, the SMS channel was either the failback option to Viber messaging or the channel of choice for all communications that needed to be sent fast and efficiently to the carefully curated contact list.

The boutique’s customers happily shared their contact details with ease, entering their personal information in a clearly designed form, that was redundant of distractions and unnecessary clutter.

Customers received messages on the Viber or SMS channels and the shop enjoyed a high level of engagement and interactivity, due to the effectiveness of the communication channel approach.

The clothing boutique obtained many new contacts per day, saved on resources and increased sales

Marketing Manager at Happy Sizes

Our partnering with Routee has helped us increase the number of customer registrations on a daily basis, which in turn has brought repeat business and loyalty to new heights. Our expectations were truly exceeded!

happy sizes, Case Study: Happy Sizes

Happy Sizes surpassed its initial expectations by seeing:

Many new customer registrations per day

The WayMore Forms introduction, both in the shops and offline invited customers to share their contact details with the business. Information was gathered in exchange of something valuable, like a discount or an engaging newsletter, always with the consent of the user.  

100% accuracy in communications sent

All communications were sent with 100% accuracy and a large percentage of these interacted as expected.

Automations saving time and money

Storing contact information through the WayMore Forms, facilitated the clients in requesting yet more offers and discounts without repeating the same registration procedure twice. Saving on the cost of engaging human and technical resources in a simple procedure, allowed the business to direct its marketing efforts on other profitable endeavors.

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