Hike Messaging App

the brand store, Hike Messaging App
the brand store, Hike Messaging App

About Hike

Hike is one of India’s most popular messaging platforms. The app was launched in 2012 and has ever since enriched its communication services to effectively connect people in virtual settings. 

Apart from being a messaging app, Hike also offers a social platform, called HikeLand, where users can virtually hangout, mimicking real-life interaction. The company believes in building technology around people’s needs and it is constantly seeking to innovate and provide exciting ways for people to communicate and interact.

How Routee Enabled Hike to Authenticate its Users

To use the popular Hike app, user registration requires a one-time password-based authentication process (OTP). With a vast number of users worldwide signing up in the app and providing their personal information, Hike needed a global and trustworthy authentication service provider for its OTP-based authentication process. 

Routee ticked all the right boxes helping Hike to efficiently streamline its authentication process. Thanks to Routee’s platform dynamic automation capabilities Hike can now ensure that its users can easily, quickly, and safely onboard the app

the brand store, Hike Messaging App
the brand store, Hike Messaging App

Not only Routee’s platform provides Hike peace of mind in terms of time and ease-of-use during user authentication, but it also ensures fraud prevention. By providing this crucial OTP authentication service, Routee assists Hike’s team to shift its focus solely on realizing the company’s vision of a more connected world.

Hike continues its journey of exploring new ways of connecting people in virtual settings resting assured that Routee has its back for all its authentication needs. 

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