the brand store,
the brand store,

About is the first Italian property portal, working with more than 20.000 real estate agencies and publishes more than 1.2 million listings. Both ‘s website and app are extremely popular with people seeking to buy, sell, or rent a property.

How Routee keeps it real for

To use the main service, users have to create an account and sign in to the website or the app, following a verification process. To verify users, prevent fraud, and secure instant onboarding of users, needed a trusted OTP service provider.

Routee’s 2FA SMS service for sending OTPs was the ideal choice. chose Routee’s platform for its robust functionality and easy-to-use interface, but also due to the service’s impeccable delivery rate. The OTPs are instantly sent, thus preventing potential users from leaving the onboarding process due to time delays.

the brand store,
the brand store,

Besides, needed a solution for users who did not have or did not want to provide their mobile numbers. Routee suggested and implemented one of its numbers solutions, the Number Validation service. The service allows for quick onboarding, preventing users from losing interest or forgetting to sign in once they have created an account.

Routee’s Number Validation service gave the ability to focus on creating the best user experience from start to finish. As the delivery rate is so crucial to time spent on the website or app, Routee provided the most efficient solution for a seamless user experience, ensuring that the number of users continues to rise and that engagement goes up at the same time.

Routee keeps it real by always finding a way to provide innovative solutions to service our invaluable customer needs.

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