the brand store, MetLife
the brand store, MetLife

About MetLife

MetLife is an insurance company that has been taking care of customers’ health, life, property, and investment cover needs for more than 150 years. The company has a global reach and provides insurance solutions to customers around the world.

MetLife puts customers first, aiming that its insurance solutions make dreams come true and assist businesses in achieving goals.

Routee has MetLife covered

As part of its customer-centric philosophy and keeping its customers satisfied, MetLife regularly sends critical information such as policy updates, account updates, and so on, via SMS and email. The company needed a trusted solution ensuring its messages are delivered to its customers, as the information is crucial for them. Due to the nature of messages that MetLife shares with its customers, a high-delivery rate is also of particular importance to both the company and its customers.

Routee came to the rescue when a previous provider could no longer support MetLife with consistency and reliability. Routee’s powerful and intelligent omnichannel communication platform ensures that messages are delivered on time, every time. MetLife uses the Routee platform to notify its existing customers about its services, updates to policies, account queries, etc., through SMS and email messages.

the brand store, MetLife
the brand store, MetLife

Instant results

Routee’s robust communication platform and scalable API provided instant positive results for MetLife, such as high delivery rates for the SMS and email messages.

Besides, the company uses the Routee platform to design and implement upselling and cross-selling marketing tactics to existing customers, thus, boosting the number of its website visitors, generating leads, and minimizing its communication costs

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