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A reputable jewelry chain with three established stores in the heart of Athens and a brand new online shop that caters for an exquisite and well-informed clientele all over Greece. OroeOra Printezis, offers an elegant collection of jewelry, watches and accessories for any formal occasion, to compliment and adorn individuals who appreciate quality and craftsmanship of the highest order. With years of experience in the most central locations of the Greek capital, the company has embarked on a new venture, to create an online presence matching its long standing tradition of excellence in serving its customers.

The Challenge: Establishing valid and secure customer communication channels

OroeOra needed to build a brand new customers’ list that would be GDPR compliant, accurate and valid. This was of utmost importance, so as to launch targeted marketing campaigns that would drive traffic and conversions to the company’s website.

In order to achieve this, online customers and would-be subscribers would need to consent to receiving promotional and transactional messages on their validated phone numbers. The security of all exchanged information would have to be guaranteed and perceived as such, in every step of the subscription process and throughout the day-to-day commercial operations.

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oroeora used and omnichannel strategy

Solution: A bundle of tailored B2C communication services

Routee Forms, 2FA, Number Validation and SMS

The communications experts at Routee proposed an effective solution to OroeOra, with a number of services that complemented each other to deliver the desired functionality.

Routee Forms

From within an intuitive template, the company set up a contact form to enable visitors on the website to subscribe for newsletters, exclusive offers, and discounts.

Routee 2FA

Introducing the latest security protocols like Two Factor Authentication in the business-to-customer communications, the company reassured its subscribers on the safekeeping of their personal data.

Number Validation

Being able to validate each shared contact number, oroeora made sure that all communications would be sent to the right recipient, guaranteeing high open & read rates and a successful end-user engagement.

Routee SMS

Oroeora opted to take advantage of the most effective messaging channel to stay in touch with their subscribers and customers, for instant exchange of communications be it promotional or, most importantly, transactional.

All the above-mentioned services enabled OroeOra to build a robust and validated contacts’ list, to launch its marketing campaigns accurately and successfully. At the same time, Routee communication services facilitated the company in maintaining high standards of transactional services with the security of 2FA across all of its commercial operations.

The creation of a valid and robust contacts’ list

The Marketing Manager of OroeOra

Our company managed to create a valid contacts’ list and offer our customers the highest quality of communication services expected from a brand of our standing.

routee case study oroeora

The outcome of adopting the latest services in business-to-customer communications was threefold.

Engaged Clientele

OroeOra managed to build a robust and valid contacts list that guaranteed the successful engagement of all of its recipients, increasing conversions and direct sales on their website.

Boosted Retention via Secure Transactions

Sending out transactional SMS messages with 2FA enabled, the company succeeded in inspiring the sense of security to their customers, who returned to purchase even more products repeatedly.

Precise Targeting

The use of customized Routee Forms allowed the company to request specific data from their subscribers that allowed it to shape its promotional campaigns according to its demographics. Targeting customers with precision and ultimately offering what they were looking for, to ever-increasing sales.

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