Privée Santorini

Privee Santorini, Privée Santorini

About Privée Santorini

Privée Santorini is a boutique hotel which opened in May 2015 in the quaint village of Perissa, Santorini in Greece. The striking location and unique decoration of the hotel offers guests a sense of unmatched relaxation and tranquility. Stone-built premises that combine modern and traditional architectural elements, and the fine artworks decorating the walls together with the accommodating staff, makes the hotel an ideal destination for the seasoned traveler.

Offering a wide selection of rooms and hospitality-related facilities, such as a bar-restaurant, a swimming pool and wedding reception facilities, the hotel guarantees an unforgettable stay that complements a holiday in the white jewel of the Aegean sea.

Privée Santorini is a clear example case from the Hospitality industry, where marketing automation can elevate the perceived quality of the services provided, weeks or days before the arrival of the guests at the premises.

The Challenge: The hotel needed to present a positive ROI to the investors within 6 months

The hotel was rebranded and renovated from the ground up. There was a need for a new strategy to create brand awareness and increase customer loyalty from the get-go. Every single visitor had to enjoy an overly positive experience from their interaction with the hotel and during their stay, to guarantee a revisit and an enthusiastic referral to a circle of social friends.

Privee Santorini, Privée Santorini
Privee Santorini, Privée Santorini

Solution: An omnichannel marketing automation approach

Privée Santorini adopted an omni-channel approach using Routee’s marketing automation platform. As a result:

– Hotel customers were constantly in touch and informed of any updates, offers and services through all the steps of their interaction with the hotel, from the booking phase to the actual stay.

– Communications with clients were exchanged successfully and conveniently. Offers were shared and transactions were secured with a capable 2FA service.

Order Notifications and Arrival Alerts were sent, while the identities of both parties were protected with the Phone Masking services of the Routee platform.

The hotel managed to reach all its goals within the 6-month scheduled period

Marketing Manager at Privée Santorini

The omnichannel approach has helped us to automate important marketing processes in order to meet and exceed our goals, with fewer resources and in less time.

Privee Santorini, Privée Santorini

24% increase in cross-selling

Progressive profiling and robust segmentation allowed the hotel to cross-sell services and personalized offers that were picked up by the customers, due to the relevancy and the promised potential presented.

32% increase in up-selling

Segmentation allowed the upselling of services to those customers who were receptive to offers, granting an extra source of revenue for the hotel that would otherwise go to competitive businesses.

80% projected increase in retention

The overall positive experience increased the possibility of enthusiastic referrals and customers re-booking for their next holiday, helping the company plan its operations well ahead of the upcoming holiday period.

18% increase in customer loyalty

Returning customers were willing to spend more when planning and booking their next holiday, knowing that their investment would guarantee an enjoyable and problem-free experience. Referrals increased so did the perceived value of the company.

8% decrease in digital communication costs

The omnichannel approach managed to slash 8% of the hotel’s communication expenses, using channels that were equally engaging with the SMS option.

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