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the brand store, The Brand Store

About The Brand Store

The Brand Store has a long history in offering exclusive jewelry creations and fashion accessories to an exquisite clientele. Through an extended network of physical stores and more recently, an eshop, tailored to the high principles and long tradition of the company, The Brand Store is the leading luxury retailer in Greece.    

Founded by the older generations of the Argyropoulos family in Giannitsa, Greece, it has been thriving and evolving ever since, with younger members of the family adding their generational touches in the company’s commercial DNA. The Brand Store is today an established authority in the jewelry retail industry, offering products that are hand-picked, of the highest quality and of unique craftsmanship, offered by the most renowned and trusted brands in the world.

Always being ahead of their time, the Argyropoulos family embraced technology in its quest to provide their customers with the best buying experience and an after-sales service that does justice to the core tradition of the company, valuing customers to create long-lasting bonds.

The Challenge: The Brand Store wanted to increase sales through its online store

Seeing the immense potential in reaching even more clients through its online store, The Brand Store needed a new approach in its communications. Something that would be immediate, something that would engage new and existing clients, while having the power to convert and drive a large volume of sales, akin to the figures generated by its traditional brick-and-mortar store.

the brand store, The Brand Store
the brand store, The Brand Store

Solution: Transactional and Promotional SMS services from Routee

Routee’s transactional and promotional SMS service was the perfect match in the case of The Brand Store. The company enhanced its existing infrastructure with a tried solution that only not carried out the mundane tasks of informing customers on the status of their orders but also inspired a sense of loyalty and trust for the electronic operations of the business, inviting and facilitating more purchases than ever.

With the use of the Routee SMS services, the company introduced an open communication channel for its customers that brought upon a pivotal change in the perception of The Brand Store business model. More specifically the services used were:

SMS Confirmation

Sending a confirmation email after each online purchase, reassures the online customers of The Brand Store, that they chose a safe, secure and highly professional environment to conduct their business.

SMS Order Status

Receiving Order Status updates as a customer of an online store, dispels any uncertainty over the dispatch and delivery of the purchased products. Knowing when to expect the delivery of an online purchase, makes it easier for customers to trust the business and return to buy again.

SMS for Promoting Offers

With a wide variety of products for a diverse clientele, The Brand Store promotes specialized offers to all its customers through SMS messages, with one-tap links that lead directly to the offers advertised. This helps recipients act as soon as they receive these promotional offers, facilitating a swift and guided customer journey.

SMS for the arrival of New Products in the store

Promotional messages informing of new products and collections arriving in the store, help customers remain informed and in touch with the company. Spontaneous purchases are often on SMS away and The Brand Store has seen increased traffic due to the effectiveness of the SMS messages.

SMS for Gifting campaigns

Inspiring potential buyers with gift ideas for a special occasion via properly timed SMS promotional campaigns, generates interest among subscribers and serves as a kind and beneficial reminder of what The Brand Store is all about, a business who caters for the needs of the most informed jeweler’s customer.

The Brand Store increased its online revenue by more than 10%

The marketing team at The Brand Store

We are extremely happy with the campaigns we are running using the Routee platform. The team is also very responsive to anything that we might need.

the brand store, The Brand Store

Unmatched open & read rate

Subscribers to The Brand Store promotional campaigns read most of the text messages within the first 5 minutes after they receive them. This immediacy of the SMS channel guarantees the active engagement of the audience, strengthening further the brand image and boosting sales.

Interactivity in the key of 160 characters

The Brand Store see a 20% of their SMS campaign recipients interacting with the links provided in the messages. All this generated traffic eventually leads to more sales on the company’s website, assisted greatly by the ease-of-use of the medium. A proposition that begins on a mobile device and ends with a sale in the same familiar environment.

SMS contributes to 10% of the total online revenue

The adoption of the SMS promotional campaigns along with the introduction of transactional messages, tied with the online purchases from the store, helped the company achieve a 10% increase in sales. Utilizing the appropriate messaging channel, The Brand Store manages to place itself ahead of the competition, forging long-lasting relationships with its customers through the means of effective B2C communications.

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