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Routee WooCommerce Plugin

Improve your WooCommerce experience with Routee’s Marketing Automation including omnichannel communication services.

Integration Requirements

You will need a Routee account in all of our platforms (SMS/Voice/Viber/Email/Push).

You should already have WooCommerce e-commerce store software installed.

Installation Guide

1. Login to your WooCommerce profile.

2. Upload WayMore Plugin from the Admin Panel.

3. Fill in your Routee credentials.

The procedure for creating your marketing campaigns

1) Head to the Routee platform.
2) Create an account on Routee platform.
3) Input your customers’ data in Routee. By integrating your data, the platform automatically segments them regarding your preferences.

In order to create campaigns, you need to create the templates first.

4) Create templates of the message on Routee platform for the service you want to use (SMS, Voice, Viber, Email, Push, RCS).
5) Use Routee campaign template on a WayMore platform. This platform is a part of Routee, designed for creating unique flows of communications.
6) Start your campaign. Decide between these two options:

a) Pre-bought model. With Pre-bought model you can decide within 10 fixed flows of communication.
b) Customized model. With this model, you can actually create your own flow of communication fully customize the touchpoints in your customers’ journey. You can drag and drop flows easy and simple.

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Routee – WooCommerce Plugin


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Supported WooCommerce Versions: 4.x


Send a Notification through your preferred channel:

to the store owner when a new account is registered

to the store owner when a product is out of stock

to the store owner when a registration is completed

to a customer when new products are available

to a customer when he/she abandons his/her purchase

to the store owner when an order is placed

to a customer as an order confirmation

to a customer when a payment is completed

to a customer when the order status is changed

to the store owner when the contacts are synchronized

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Routee – WooCommerce Plugin


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Supported WooCommerce Versions: 4.x

Pricing Policy

Integrate Marketing Automation in your Business


  • Upload Customer Base
  • Automatic Personalization
  • Send Manual Campaigns


  • All FREE version features
  • 10 predefined automation flows
  • Automatic Campaign Sending


80€+/ mon
  • Drag and drop flows
  • Build your own automations
  • Create communication funnels

Do you need assistance to complete the installation?

Our team of experts can take care of the entire process for you.