Communicate your message and company mission all over the world using the advanced SMS services Routee provides. Craft interactive and engaging campaigns easily and efficiently through an advanced marketing platform.

Marketing SMS

Marketing SMS

Send personalized marketing SMS and show your customers how important they are to your company. Get your text delivered with Routee within 5 minutes and increase your sales by up to 183%.

Transactional SMS

Build your trust and get long-term loyalty from your customer by delivering important information or critical notifications at the right moment with automated text messages. Save time by automating your business communication with Routee.

Transactional SMS
Two Way SMS

Two-Way SMS

Two-Way SMS allows you to create highly engaging interactive campaigns using Routee. Listen to what your customers have to say and deliver answers to their requests automatically through intelligent keyword recognition.

SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Keep your business and its customer data safe with world-class security services from Routee. Your 2FA Routee solution will be able to generate PIN codes and send them to the right users in just a few seconds.

Two Factor Authentication with SMS
SMS Survey

SMS Survey

Our easy-to-use interface enables you to set up SMS surveys effortlessly. Create user-friendly and engaging surveys in less than 5 minutes, which enhance the way you interact with your users. Get responses and other useful data in real time with Routee.

Bulk MMS

Add multimedia capabilities to your SMS campaigns and achieve higher user engagement. Send a high volume of personalized bulk MMS messages that add value to your brand and create lasting connections with each customer.

Bulk MMS
SMS Survey

Verified SMS Sender

The verified SMS feature is a great opportunity for businesses to efficiently engage users, build trust, and increase loyalty by ensuring secure communication. Every time a Verified SMS business sends Bulk text messages with Routee, a verified icon will be shown to prove that its business text messages are trustworthy.

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