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Why is after-sales service and why is it important?

After-sales service is a critical touchpoint that enables your business to make sure its products and services meet or excel the customers' expectations. There are diverse methods to apply after-sales service to your company to ensure clients are satisfied with the products and services of your business. Having outstanding after-sales customer service strengthens the bond between customers and a company.

After-sales service is critical for customer satisfaction and customer retention. It can increase loyalty and brand value. Customers gain faith in the brand and engage with the company for a longer time, and even spread positive word of mouth about the company and its products and services. A satisfied and pleased customer brings more people and finally more profits for the business in the long run. After-sales service can create a strong bond between the organization and customers.

The market competition is intense, as consumers look for more than just a value-for-their money product. They expect businesses to meet their needs and instantly and efficiently solve any issues that may arise with the products and services they have purchased. Demand for excellent after-sales service has significantly increased and it can even influence consumers' purchasing decisions.

An efficient after-sales service may lead to upselling, cross-selling, and even an increase in your overall sales. With more loyal customers spreading the word of your company's supreme service performance, efficient after-sales service may even transform into your company's competitive advantage.

After Sales Service Techniques

Having established how important is after-sales service for a business, let us highlight some of the most popular and effective tactics to optimize and boost your corporate after-sales support.

best practices to optimize your after-sale service

1. Show appreciation

Following purchase and as soon as you send the order confirmation and shipping information to a customer, send them a thank you automated email or SMS. Not only you add a bonus point to your customer experience, but you will also and build customer rapport.

2. Collect customer feedback

Following a specified period (1-2 weeks) after purchase, during which most probably customers had the chance to use your product, send them an automated email requesting a product review or feedback. This tactic creates a positive sentiment and helps you work your business’s pain points. Also, you can use the data to improve your product/service.

3. Send product suggestions

Send emails or SMS with products that your customers have looked for online or they have bought before. That’s an easy way to cross-sell and boost sales on different products and product categories.

4. Stay connected

Send newsletters to inform your customers about subjects that interest them, offer them information through articles, videos, guides, and so on, to stay in touch with them. This tactic will enhance your professionalism and expertise. They will have no reason to go somewhere else if you provide them all the data they want.

5. Support your clients

Assist customers in installing, maintaining, or operating a particular product or service. For example, if you sell laptops, you can ensure that the operating system is configured in the system and that customers can use the network without any difficulty. Similarly, organizations that sell mobile sim cards can ensure the number is instantly activated once the customer submits the necessary documents.

6. Create a complaint section

Provide customers a simple and easy way to express their complaints. Use email, SMS, or a toll-free number. The customer service representatives should take prompt action on the customer queries. And we also advise that you promptly resolve any raised issues.

7. Review Requests

When customers are satisfied with a purchase, you can email them a request to send back a review or testimonial. This tactic shows your customers that you value their opinion and makes them feel appreciated. You can use the positive reviews as physical evidence on your online store, social media pages, or third-party review sites. User reviews help build trust and confidence among prospective customers and leads.

8. Ask for Recommendations

Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend you and refer your business to their friends, acquaintances, or peers. Nowadays 97% of clients turn to product reviews when making purchase selections.

What’s next?

We have highlighted many ways that any business can use to boost its customer after-sales service, putting in action diverse communication channels like email, and SMS. Consider using an automated sequence of personalized emails to effortlessly follow up with your customers and up your after-sales service game!

Last but not least, don’t forget to perform customer satisfaction surveys to ensure smooth business operations and a unique customer experience before and after-sales.

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