Telegram for business
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During the pandemic, the use of Telegram has exploded due to its user-friendly features that can benefit businesses in particular. With more than 400 million active monthly users and 70 billion messages shared on the platform every day, the platform is burgeoning in terms of engagement and opportunities.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free instant messaging app, fast and secure messaging. It also adapts perfectly to all devices and operating systems, as it is cloud-based. It gives you the ability to send messages in text, photos, files of any format, and videos.

Telegram allows you to engage new customers by creating communities on Telegram – channels and groups, advertising, creating bots, and keeping up with users. Telegram channels and groups are the main tools of the Telegram marketing strategy. They help to interact with users on the messenger at different levels. Telegram channels are the ideal way to promote pretty much any kind of content.

You can share and broadcast your content via Telegram channels. Subscribers can read, promote content, participate in polls, but they can’t comment on them. Channel owners can share text, images, videos, audio files, documents, external links. One of the advantages of Telegram channels – there is no limit to the number of members who can join channels.

Telegram groups are group chats where each member can send messages, videos, pictures, files. It’s a great tool to answer customer questions, get feedback and encourage user-generated content. Within Telegram digital marketing most businesses use a two or three-pronged approach. You can use Telegram channels to share content, bots for automated communication, and groups to stay in touch with customers.

Telegram’s Benefits

Security guarantees

In an age where personal data can easily be hacked or leaked, Telegram provides one of the most secure technologies and doesn’t give access to conversations to anyone – not big companies, not government structures. Most mobile phone users have already faced this problem on Instagram and Facebook, VK.

Free bot automation

On the Telegram platform, users can easily create bots and distribute them for free. Telegram already has more than 800,000 active bots.

benefits of telegram

Branded stickers

Telegram allows anyone to create free stickers. Companies can promote branded stickers they have created to channels and groups. The better the quality of the stickers, the higher the chances of them going viral. Such a sticker creation strategy can have the most viral effect among all the tools.

Global mobile market shift towards messengers

Chatting with friends or colleagues, making voice and video calls, sharing files, collaborating with companies, sending money, buying products and services, scheduling appointments in just 1 app is becoming more and more casual for mobile phone users. Telegram may lead this journey since it is the most flexible among messengers.

Detailed statistics

Telegram provides free access to the channel’s statistics performance. Businesses can monitor engagement rate, implicit and non-implicit notifications, views by source, source of new followers, member language, and more.

Unlimited audience on Telegram channels

Telegram channels have no limit. You can easily gain access to 5 or 10 million audiences.


You can promote your business on Telegram by targeting ages, interests, countries, etc. If you need an audience with technological knowledge, you can advertise your services or products on Telegram channels and groups related to IT.

High engagement rate

The average rate of reach for the Telegram channel is 20%, while Instagram has an average reach rate of 3% and Facebook – 4%. Telegram is one of the best and freshest touch points with potential customers.

The fastest-growing messenger app

Telegram has been growing very fast over the last 5 years. This opens new doors in Telegram marketing.

Advertising solutions for businesses

You can buy Telegram members for your channel or group, get free or paid advertising on other channels, cross-promote, post links to Telegram-specific directories. You can also use online services and software for managing marketing on Telegram.

Keep your customer’s data private

Telegram has become one of the fastest-growing social platforms, messengers, and digital marketing tools in recent years. With some unique features such as channels, groups, free stickers, cloud storage, secret chats, self-destructive messages, and privacy, it has found millions of users around the world. Telegram remains the only social platform for users that can keep their data private from large companies and government structures.

Learn more about messaging apps and how they can help your business, starting by learning everything you need to know about the world’s most popular messaging app.

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