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Does your startup need a virtual phone number?

Setting up a new business and managing its success so you can stay ahead of competition is by no means easy. It is all about making the right decisions and choosing the right resources and partners to work alongside. And it goes without saying that it is expensive, and if not well budgeted, you can run the risk of falling into debt. You will need business tools in order for things to run smoothly day-to-day, so you can focus on business growth.

Fortunately, the tools exist for you to set out on the right foot. These tools can help you run your business more smoothly and effectively. One of these is virtual phone numbers, which allow you to more effectively communicate with your customer base. Traditionally, phone systems are considered an unavoidable business cost.

However, with the growth of virtual phone systems, startups have a new, cheaper and better way to get a great phone service. Instead of investing in a bunch of hardware with a virtual phone system, you can get up and running with a professional phone system in less than a day with the help of virtual phone numbers.

Benefits of virtual phone numbers for startups

A virtual phone number is an essential tool for successful start-up communication. So, let’s take a closer look at the important benefits it can offer your start-up.

Improved customer communication

Communication with no interruptions is a crucial factor in your startup's success. Virtual numbers make sure you never miss a client’s call, as they enable you to receive phone calls on the go. As they are compatible with almost any device, you don’t have to be tied down as you had using traditional landlines. Whether you are on your tablet, your desk phone, or mobile device, you will be contacted as needed.

With a virtual phone system, you can easily forward, record, make or receive calls and access many other features, not possible with traditional phone systems, from wherever you are. Many virtual phone system vendors allow startups to stay in touch with their contacts using calls and texts.

These functionalities and features are crucial in your business operation and they help improve customer experience and support; thus, building a positive brand image in the long run. After all, when your call handling is highly efficient, it builds a trustworthy image of your brand and results in consistent healthy relationships with customers, which is indispensable to a business, especially startup’s, success.

benefits of virtual phone numbers

Wider audience reach

There are no boundaries for businesses today. Entering the global market has become all too easy, mainly due to the internet. Yet competition has become all too fierce, with businesses competing both locally and globally. To survive and grow start-ups and small-medium businesses must use every resource available.

With a virtual phone number, startups can jump to the decision of expansion, looking for global business opportunities, even if they lack the funds to expand their office space. As the majority of consumers prefer to buy from local businesses, they can establish a local presence in an international market, portraying themselves as a local professional company.

For startups, a virtual phone number works just like a channel to attract and reach out to new customers, while it helps customers overcome the hesitation of doing business with a foreign brand.

Lower costs

Maximizing profits and minimizing expenses is key to business success. A virtual phone number is cheap to use as there is no cost incurred for acquiring office space and new hardware. The only cost you incur is that of the internet. With just one connection, you get to enjoy multiple numbers at the price of one.

Furthermore, in comparison to carrier-based numbers, virtual phone systems are not associated with traditional telephone lines, like expensive hardware such as new mobile phones for your virtual numbers. These telephone numbers are compatible with most communication devices, and you can even take calls anywhere.

Effectively connecting dispersed teams

If you work from an office, a traditional phone system will do. However, once your business starts growing, it will start spreading across the country or the world, and you will need to hire individuals in multiple cities or countries. Dispersed teams are hard to get right. In order to do so, you will need the right technology. A virtual phone system will become a necessity.

However dispersed your teams may be, with the right technology all employees can stay in touch and be united under one phone number, collaborating and engaging efficiently, on a day-to-day basis. Virtual telephony systems will ensure continuity of your processes and sales and improve growth opportunities while your teams are serving your customers.

Better managing business and personal numbers

Most startup business owners and executives make the mistake of using their personal phones to make business-related calls. Although it is common practice, it is something that should be avoided. A virtual phone number can help to that end. It helps you to separate work and personal calls.

Providing a business telephone number with an easily recognizable prefix is far more professional than giving out your personal mobile number to leads, prospects and customers and can make your company look much more established. And even if you choose to use your private number to make business calls, this system will protect your identity, by hiding it.

Ready to set up your startup’s virtual phone system?

Not all start-ups need a virtual phone system from day one. However, for your business to grow from a start-up to a large business, it is essential to communicate with your clients, stakeholders, and suppliers effectively.

This is where a virtual phone system comes in. It is a low-cost solution that enhances your professional appearance, giving you a growth prospect while you are just starting up. With the help of Routee’s intelligent technology in their hands, start-ups can broaden their communications and take the route to success.

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