, Long & short numbers for your business communications

Short codes and long numbers in high volume mobile communications

Short codes and long numbers are two of the most effective ways of reaching large targeted audiences when communicating information and promotional campaigns on mobile devices. Although the medium is the same, a communicated message via a short text, these two approaches are quite distinct and differ largely in pricing, speed of delivery, format and flexibility. Read on to find out why.

Short numbers are everywhere

Short code or short number messaging is one of the most common tools in a marketer’s arsenal when a message needs to be communicated through to a large audience. Thousands of recipients can receive your campaign messages instantly sent via a 4, 5 or 6-digit dedicated number, in either text or image form, adding value to your brand and making recipients aware of its distinct identity. The length of short-codes depends on each country-specific regulations, in Greece the short codes are 5 digit numbers. 

Ideal for promotional SMS

Special offers during off-season sales and personalized messages to registered customers in retail and services can also be sent via short numbers. With SMS being the most immediate way of reaching an audience with guaranteed high opening and reading rates, short numbers can be the most appropriate channel of communications for promotional campaigns.

Time-sensitive messages

Critical communications that are sent through a recognizable short-digit number are ideal for time-sensitive messages, such as weather alerts and flight notifications. Security-oriented SMS used in two-factor authentication processes for e-banking and Fin-tech transactions are also sent via short code messages. When time is of the essence, short number communications are very efficient as they are heavily prioritized by wireless carriers making them ideal for high-profile messaging.

, Long & short numbers for your business communications

Long numbers, low on cost 

Long numbers are non-dedicated numbers that can be used by businesses to send out SMS or voice messages to a large number of recipients at the lowest possible cost. These 10-digit numbers, in many countries, can be charged as mobile or landline, Toll-free or domestic and allow two-way communications between the sender and the recipient.

Two-way communications

Businesses can accept feedback and reply to queries on the same long number, offering a personalized customer service experience. With messages coming from an easily identifiable number, these long numbers can help any company set a consistent channel of communications as they readily support Voice, SMS and fax.

Instant number provisioning

In contrast to the short numbers that might cost significantly more to obtain, both in time and price, long numbers are assigned instantly to your business, for any intended purpose. Wireless carrier approval is not necessary for deployment, a process that typically takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete, and so campaigns can be set in matter of minutes through an advanced digital communications platform.

, Long & short numbers for your business communications

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