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Did you know that if over 10% of your emails are bad, less than 44% are delivered?

If you have noticed your email open rates declining recently, the reason might be that the emails you sent never made it to your recipient’s inbox. There are quite a few reasons for that. More than 20% of email registrations contain typos, syntax, domain, and other errors.

On top of that, email lists go invalid. According to a study, 21% of the average B2B email list will no longer be valid, after just 12 months. Although the numbers are better for B2C lists, email list quality degradation is still a problem.

The quality of your email list is crucial to the success of your email marketing efforts. If reach and deliverability suffer, they can prove detrimental to your email marketing ROI. You need to have a verified mailing list that does not contain email addresses that are spam traps, or incorrect.

Email verification tools can help you solve the problem, as they will save you from most of the possible email marketing disasters.

How does email verification work?

Email verification (a.k.a. email validation) is the process of verifying the accuracy and quality of an email address. Email verification will filter out addresses that are unsafe to deliver. At the beginning of the process, the syntax and format of the email addresses are checked. Next, the domain name is checked, and once it is found satisfactory, advanced technical processes begin to verify that the mailbox can receive messages without ever sending an actual email message to the submitted contact address.

It sounds simple yet so necessary. Coming right up, we will highlight the reasons why you need an email verification tool to assist your email marketing efforts.

How can email verification support your email marketing efforts?

1.Saves money and time

Why should you pay for sending out emails to invalid addresses? When using an email service provider (ESP) to send out your campaigns, most often you are charged per email address you sent your emails to. With a verification tool, you can check your email list before the send-out, reducing the costs of the campaign, while emailing only valid addresses that can convert.

On the other hand, you can also save valuable time. Sure, you can always verify your email list manually, but just imagine how much time that usually takes. Not to mention that manual validation can never be as precise and up to date, as is verification using a tool.

2.Improves deliverability

If your emails are sent to invalid addresses, deliverability issues might arise repeatedly. When you do not fix these issues, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) start believing you are a spammer. To make sure spammers do not abuse inboxes, ISPs will begin pushing your emails into the recipients’ spam folders.

Although you might have invested a great amount of time to prepare your email campaign, do all the targeting, segmentation, research, and so on, your recipients may never even see it. As a result, even some of your most engaged recipients or customers will not receive your emails in their inbox. Your emails will be pushed to their spam folder and you will lose their attention. Email verification tools ensure this does not happen, as you will be sending out your emails only to valid addresses.

3.Protects brand reputation and your business from possible bans

As you send out email campaigns you create a certain reputation among the internet (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs) and so on. This is also known as Sender Reputation. This reputation is built on many factors, including how often recipients flag your email as spam or what proportion of your outgoing email bounces back. Taking care of your Sender Reputation is a must.

Email Service Providers track the complaints received from the recipients, so you need to act responsibly. If your campaign is returning a higher bounce rate and many complaints, it will surely give the wrong impression and your ESP will start warning you. The next step will be for them to block your account, and even worse, they could demand you pay fines for the damage.

Using a cleaned email list ensures you are sending out emails to addresses that will not reject your email, causing bounces. Hence, verification protects your Sender Reputation and possible account suspensions, bans, or fines.

4.Provides accurate campaign insights

After cleaning up your mailing list, you end up with valid addresses. So, when the recipients of your email take any action, you can accurately study their behavior, simply because you are now targeting genuine subscribers and every response can be considered real.

When sending emails without any verification, your team can not estimate the success of the campaign and can result in wasting the time of your employees. A verified list, on the other hand, brings accurate insights for your team to work on, giving them a better understanding of what your audience is responding to. With more reliable metrics you can realign your email marketing strategy and make the necessary changes more efficient results.

5.Improves campaign ROI

With a more accurate and verified list, your return on investment will most certainly be higher. A clean list means you will be automatically sending out fewer and better-targeted emails than before. This means a better opportunity to engage with the recipient.

As your recipients find your emails more relevant, they are more likely to visit your site and purchase things. Hence, your resources are being used more efficiently, with your costs going down while your revenues likely rising. This gives you better returns on the money you’re putting in, a better ROI.

Increases customer engagement and strengthens personalization

With the use of email list verification, you can free your subscriber list from all non-existent and incorrect email addresses. Your list now contains only valid addresses. You can now pay better attention to your recipients’ interests, choices, and priorities, gaining a clearer picture of what they want.

As time passes, you will be able to draft emails, keeping in mind their interests and the stuff they care about. It is a proven fact that your customers will engage more with you if they feel you have done something for them on a personal level. If your emails are personal to your recipient, there are high chances that they will respond or at least open your email.

Ready to verify your email list?

From saving time and money to better sender reputation and from reduction bounces to better customer engagement, the benefits of email verification hold great value and must be taken into serious consideration. Once you start using an email verification tool, you will immediately notice them. Successful marketers have long understood the importance of a prominent email verification tool and have implemented it in their email marketing strategies to reap the benefits of verification.

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