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SMS survey is by definition a survey whose data is collected from respondents by the use of the short messaging service (SMS) feature available on mobile phone devices. Customer surveys do provide a perfect opportunity for businesses to relate with their consumers, gauge happiness and obtain valuable insights. Business owners obtain information that they can use to improve their product or service as well as their overall customer experience.

While most institutions realize the value of conducting customer surveys, obtaining feedback from consumers can be a significant hurdle. Especially nowadays, when face-to-face communication is not very feasible. This is where SMS comes in.

Why conduct a survey using SMS?

It is not enough to just ask the right questions to the right audience. If you want this to work you have to use the proper communication tool as well.

The fact that SMS strikes with a 98% open rate and 90% of the text messages sent getting opened within 3 minutes, is a solid argument proving that SMS is clearly the winner in the battle of communication channels for the ideal survey software tool when trying to reach out to an audience for a survey response.

Besides, mobile users around the globe have surpassed 3 billion and are likely to grow more by several hundred million in the upcoming years. Consumers all over the world carry their mobile phones with them all the time and use them to complete different activities, from online shopping to hotel reservations.

How can SMS benefit your surveys?

Let us discuss some of the main benefits of SMS Surveys and see how SMS can essentially contribute to a business in conducting surveys.

Benefits of SMS surveys


SMS costs just a few cents per message. It needs minimum time and resources to create and send an SMS campaign and bulk SMS is a highly cost-effective way of contacting a mass database. What’s more, with higher response rates and more accurate information, the ROI from an SMS survey is likely to be much higher than its counterparts.

2.Easy to deploy

Thanks to robust user-friendly SMS survey software available in the market, you can build and deploy surveys simply and easily within a few minutes. The best part is that you do not have to provide every customer’s details manually. By making use of an automated tool, you can easily upload bulk contacts into the system and send them surveys in one go, saving your business valuable time and effort.

3.Instant feedback

Most people carry their smartphones with them all the time, and our customers are no different. Whenever we receive an SMS, the first usual reaction is to open it immediately. As we already mentioned, mobile users open 90% of the messages within the first 3 minutes. So, this is another great reason that shows SMS is a perfect platform for sending surveys and capturing instant feedback.

4.Better response rates

Studies show that the average response time for a text message is 60% faster than email. SMS messages have a better response rate than any other channel like email or messaging apps. Response rates can vary depending upon the surveys for many industries. According to SMS marketing gurus, most mobile users react to various types of messages such as promotional deals, event updates, appointment reminders, etc. via an SMS.

5.Reach diverse customers

Practically everyone uses SMS, boomers, millennials, and Generation – Zs. It is an ideal outreach method to connect with a wide range of customers residing in any part of the world and collect data.

6.Enhance customer engagement

Sending SMS Surveys means that you care about your customer’s opinions. That is something that most clients value. You get a better grasp of how your audience feels about your brand and what you can do to advance their customer experience. Data shows that SMS performs 6 to 8 times higher in terms of engagement than email marketing when used for redemption, data collection, and brand awareness.

7.More accurate responses

Some people may feel uncomfortable sharing bad experiences in a face-to-face or telephonic conversation. With SMS Surveys, the probability to get honest feedback is higher.

8.Tracks responses and deliveries

To keep track of all the data for their surveys, most of the companies use SMS survey software to gather real-time answers in one place, generate different types of reports, get notification alerts, and share reports with stakeholders.

What’s next for your business

Wrapping things up, SMS surveys can be useful for your company in many different ways. They allow you to get the feedback you need from your customers quickly, open rates for SMS are high, mobile surveys are easy to build, and your clients may be more likely to give honest responses via SMS. If you are interested in getting started with an SMS customer survey for your business, try Routee today.

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