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The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has already changed and complicated our lives and daily routines, domestically but also business-wise. The business community needs uncomplicated solutions, not only just to adapt to this unavoidable change, but to swiftly and efficiently respond to the new reality of the online acceleration of the eCommerce business.

Businesses need all the support they can get for promoting their online shops and spreading their messages to their audience as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, with the blast of new communication tools and technologies emerging in the past few years, the ball may be easily lost due to the complexity of most of these tools.

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity." Isaac Newton

SMS is the key

SMS has a striking 98% open rate, 90% of the text messages sent getting opened within three minutes, and holds a spectacular 209% higher response rate than phone calls and emails. Undeniably, it is the star of communication tools for achieving SMS campaigns KPIs.

For all of the above reasons and within the scope that we always want to make it accessible for businesses to keep their customers in the know leveraging SMS technology, we at Routee, constantly optimize our communication platform. The latest version of our SMS interface facilitates your business even more in utilizing at its full potential the SMS technology, made also possible by the all-powerful programmable APIs we develop. Optimize your eCommerce sales, marketing, and business processes, and ultimately boost customer engagement. 

Simple, yet not simplistic

The Routee SMS dashboard’s new user interface is all about simplicity and efficiency with powerful functionality. 1, 2, 3, and off your bulk SMS goes to your audience.
Start by selecting the type of campaign that you want to send to your audience (see image #1). You have the option to send a simple SMS campaign to your audience in just a few clicks.

, Send insanely effective SMS messages with a few clicks

Moving on to Step 2, add your audience in one of the three available ways: upload your recipients using a file, manually enter your recipients’ phone numbers, or choose your recipients from your existing Routee contacts, and write your message and the sender’s name (e.g., your brand’s name) (see image #2).

, Send insanely effective SMS messages with a few clicks

You have successfully reached Step 3 where the platform directly informs you about the cost of sending your SMS and whether you have sufficient balance or not to move on with sending the message (image #3). Decide whether you want to send your message right away or schedule for any other specific time, and hit the Send button. Success was just a few clicks away!

, Send insanely effective SMS messages with a few clicks

You can use our tool for practically any sort of communication with your audience and customers. For both SMS transactional and promotional purposes. Effortlessly send order confirmations, delivery verifications, double opt-in messages, password reset warnings, legal update alerts, coupons, discounts, offers, product or service announcements, sales alerts, seasonal promotions, flash sales, and so on.

Routee’s SMS tool is incorporated in our CPaaS cloud platform, available anywhere your business is, offering you 24/7 customer support. Even if an idea struck you in the middle of the night and you need to directly put it into action, with Routee you can! Are you less spontaneous and more of a planner? Start brainstorming with your team members about your next communication campaigns and use our tool to create your messages that will motivate your current and prospective customers. With our SMS tool, you can make every word count without having to limit your words!

Don’t forget to keep up with the best practices on SMS marketing to boost your customer communications.

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